Instagram, stop unwanted images and videos. that’s how

Social networks have become the epicenter of our lives, a digital space in which we inform, compare, share thoughts and memories. An activity in which more than 60% of the world’s people participate. According to the UN official assessment, in fact, 4.88 billion people are active on these platforms.. Therefore, security is a fundamental element, a priority both for those who use them and for the social networks themselves.

Recent Initiatives Half which changes the policy that allows users to send direct messages (DM) to Instagram. The California company is actually testing new features that prevent you from receiving duplicate images, videos, or messages who we don’t followuntil the chat request is accepted.

In other words, with this new feature, anyone who tries to send a DM request to people they don’t follow will run into two new restrictions:

Invite mode: Instead of sending an unlimited number of requests in private messages to those who do not follow you, you will now be able to send only one message, which will act as an invitation to continue chatting. You can only continue DMing him after he accepts the request. Also, for the next 24 hours, you won’t be able to send a DM request to people you don’t follow.

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Text only: This invitation message is limited to text content. Therefore, sending images, videos or voice notes to those who do not follow you will only be possible after they accept the request.

A feature designed to protect all Instagram users, but especially effective in protection of women and adolescents which will be better protected in case of inappropriate or objectionable content.

To further enhance our protection on the platform, you can also use other useful tools to interaction managementamong them:

  • hidden words: By activating this feature, you can create a personalized list of words, phrases, and emoticons that you don’t want to see to hide comments and message requests that contain them.
  • Restrictions: allows you to protect yourself from comments or requests for unwanted direct messages. By activating it, you can automatically hide comments and DM requests from people who are not following us or who have just started following us.
  • Restrictions: Allows you to more discreetly control interactions with unwanted contacts without blocking them. Once activated, these people’s comments will only be visible to themselves, and they won’t know that anyone else is seeing them. All DMs they send end up in the message request folder.
  • Account blocking: Blocking someone means preventing them from sending you messages or interacting with their content. In addition, by blocking a person, you will be able to block all other accounts that he has or might create.

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