Interesting research: Blood transfusion may lead to personality changes

In line with studies conducted at various universities, researchers from the University of Geneva found that six out of seven study participants “accepted the possibility that blood transfusions would lead to changes in behavior or values.”

“Three patients acknowledged that blood transfusions may have changed their behavior or values,” the scientists wrote in their article published in the International Journal of Clinical Transfusion Medicine.

According to the researchers, this study shows that patients may feel that blood transfusions may change their behavior or values ​​and that some personality traits of the donor may be passed on to them.

The probability is very low

“People still believe that organ transplants can lead to personality changes, even though science does not support this possibility,” said Sarah Jane Leslie, a professor of philosophy at Princeton University and one of the researchers involved in the study.

The potential effects of blood transfusion were recently revealed in a new study on spontaneous brain hemorrhage.

Patients who received blood transfusions from people who later suffered brain bleeds were twice as likely to develop the same condition, according to research by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, the University of Copenhagen in Denmark and other institutions.

This includes concerns that cerebral angiopathy, a vascular disease that causes a buildup of protein in blood vessels in the brain, could be spread by blood transfusions, causing bleeding.

More research is needed

“Blood transfusion is relatively common, making potential adverse effects a major public health concern,” Gustav Edgren, the study’s lead author, said in a statement. But in this case, you are unlikely to get a brain bleed from something transmitted through a blood transfusion. He said.

Researchers at the University of Geneva also noted that the theory that blood transfusions can change the recipient’s personality needs further research.

release date: 11:56, 24 October 2023

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