International women’s day 2023

L’8th of March is celebrated International day of the womancommonly known as Women’s Dayand we of we are particularly sensitive to this event which, throughout the world, gives space to the social, political and economic achievements of women, to scientific and medical discoveries, to recognitions, but also to the obstacles that every woman faces every day, to the sacrifices , to violence, to moods after the pandemic, in the midst of war and in an economic crisis. Here is our contribution.

March 8 is International Women’s Day

Every year, rivers of controversy pour over this festival full of clichés and prejudices. The anniversary has sometimes degenerated, reducing itself to a party in which women can leave the house and assume uninhibited attitudes marked by free self-expression. However, we know that the feast of March 8 is something more pregnant.

Women’s Day has solid historical and cultural roots

The massacres of the workers

We recall that the international day of struggle for women’s rights was born in February 1909when the American Socialist Party wanted to dedicate a day to the importance of women in society. The initiative was taken up again the following year by the activist Clara Zetkin. During the Second International Conference of Socialist Women, the socialist exponent decided to fix the anniversary on 8 March, which was also linked to a bloody event on 8 March 1908 when, due to a fire, many workers (about 129) died in the packaging factory“Cottons”, from New York.

Furthermore, in 1911 there was another fire inside another factory in Manhattan which caused the death of 150 very young women, including many Italians. And again, on March 8, 1917, the demonstration of the Petersburg workers took place against the regime of the czars. In Italy, the first initiatives based on these issues can be traced back to 8 March 1946 when for the first time, all of Italy praised women. On this occasion the Mimosa became the symbol of the party.

The establishment of Women’s Rights Day

In 1975, the UN established theinternational year of womenfollowed by the “United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace” in 1977.

Today every country in the world celebrates this anniversary in a different way and spirit, based on the claim of rights, protection, fight against violence, feminicide. Against the discrimination and inequality that women continue to face around the world.

Gender equality still far away

March 8 must be a moment of reflection and remembrance to celebrate the pioneers who have spent themselves to conquer, action after action, what are our rights. How not to remember Lydia Poet, first female lawyer, recently celebrated by a fiction, o Rosina Ferrario, first Italian female aviator; and again the pilot Alfonsina Stradaa pioneer in cycling, the motorcyclist Vittorina Sambri and Rosetta Gagliardi, the first Italian woman to participate in the Olympics.

Today the gender equality is a goal pursued inAgenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, also proposed to schools. It aims to “achieve gender equality and the self-determination of all women and girls”, especially in reference to economic treatment, guaranteeing “equal opportunities.

Many initiatives in Italy and around the world

On the occasion of this anniversary, various initiatives have been organized all over the world. In our country, the ministry of culture wanted to pay homage to women with thefree entry on the day of March 8 in all museums. The Ministry of Education and Merit therefore celebrates International Women’s Day with an exhibition of books by Grace DeleddaNobel Prize for Literature and pride of Italy.

Furthermore, how can we forget the iconic Italian women, artists, writers, actresses who have established themselves for the modus vivendi and operandi: Raffaella Carrà, Gina Lollobrigida, Sofia Loren, Madonna, Lady Gaga, but also Margherita Hack; Maria Montessori, Marie Curie, Rita Levi Montalcini, Samantha Cristoforetti. Giorgia Meloni, the first female premier of the Italian government, is also preparing to celebrate this historic day with a different spirit.

The tribute of Jonathan Cilia Faro and Sergio Cammariere

Jonathan Cilia Faro wanted to pay his very personal tribute to the woman with his single “The incredulous rose” written with Roberto Kunstler and played and sung with the refined Sergio Cammariere. The song focuses on the theme of the rose, which has always been associated with women, love, passion in its various forms, which in the interpretation of the two southern artists becomes a metaphor for human life, youth and eternal love. The iconic flower lends itself to a variety of analyzes and interpretations.

In the piece, masterfully interpreted by these two ambassadors of music in the world, there is also a little tacit homage to the complex and varied female world.

L’Incredulous pink it is accompanied by a video that without frills gives space to words, emotions and music.

The single was arranged by Emanuele Giocondo, John Arrucci on drums, Damme Quartet on strings, Sergio Cammariere on piano, Vincenzo Cavalli on bass and Jonathan Crone on guitars. Recorded at Studio11 Nashville (Tennessee). Produced and mixed by Vincenzo Cavalli, at Sonoria StudioRec in Scordia (Catania).

Best wishes to all women!

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