Stranger Things 5, here is the shooting start date of the last season!

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Stranger Things 5the wait is about to end because David Harbor has revealed the filming start date of the last season of the Netflix series.

Stranger Things 5actor David Harbor reveals filming start date for final season

Millie Bobby Brown in a still photo from the TV series Stranger Things.

Stranger Things 5 will see the first ‘take’ very soon, according to the actor’s words David Harbour which revealed the filming start date of the last season of the Netflix series.
A piece of news that the fans who have been following the adventures of the Hawkins boys since the first season – distributed on Netflix back in 2016 – have been waiting with a mixture of impatience and apprehension, torn between the anxiety of discovering the fate of the characters they love and , at the same time, the sadness of seeing the show come to its conclusion. A bittersweet sensation that also characterizes the cast members, as confirmed by David Harbor some time ago. And it is the interpreter of Sheriff Jim Hopper who has revealed that the production of Stranger Things 5 set the start date for filming. The occasion was given by Middle East Film & Comic Con held in Abu Dhabi, in which the actor also spoke about how we will find his character in the last season of the series.

“We are about to start shooting the fifth season. I still have a couple of months to train for the part. Shooting will start in June and it will be the last season. I had to train a lot for season four: Hopper was in a special situation, being locked up in that prison in Russia. In that case, it was necessary to make him a different man, while he faced a kind of liberation of himself, physically, mentally and emotionally. But now He’s back in his hometown America where they have cheeseburgers, so we’ll find him well fed“.

Stranger Things 5 will it show a marriage between two of the main characters?

Winona Ryder in a still photo from the TV series Stranger Things.

David Harbor didn’t go into too much detail regarding the plot of season 5. From his words, one can assume that the series will tie back to the previous season’s finale, which saw Hopper reunite with Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Eleven (Eleven in the original, performed by Millie Bobby Brown).
A sentimental bond, the one between the two adult characters of the series, which many fans hope will have a happy ending, maybe crowned with a real wedding. A wish shared by Harbor himself who, answering the question of a spectator present at the Abu Dhabi festival, spoke precisely of this possibility.

Those two (Hopper and Joyce) deserve each other. I think it would be… I don’t know, we’ll see where this story goes. I think it’s going to be a very fun season for both of them, considering what they’ve been through so far. The Duffer brothers always find a nice way to pay off the audience’s expectationsto give him what he wants. They usually end their stories beautifully, then I think they will with their relationship as well“.

Harbour, obviously, did not clarify whether his words are the result of a personal wish or refer to what will actually happen in the fifth season of which the actor, presumably, should have already read, in whole or in part, the script. As viewers, we’ll just have to wait and see what the series finale holds for these two characters.

Stranger Things 5that’s when the last season of the Netflix series comes out

According to Harbor’s statements regarding the shooting start date of Stranger Things 5, it is possible to make a prediction on when the new season will actually be released on Netflix. Approximately, it is legitimate to imagine a arrival on the streaming platform in 2025.

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