Interview with Rich, his new single kicking it out without a purpose.

Interview with Rich, young rapper and pop singer-songwriter, on his new song “Without Doing It on Purpose” produced by Ikigai Studio.

Rich is a young singer-songwriter, born first as a rapper, later adopting pop sounds, today he is part of Ikigai Studio, a group of rappers and pop artists from Pomezia Is. Without Deliberately is his new single and he tells us all about it here in the following interview.

Singer-songwriter born in 94, would you like to tell our readers about who Rich is as an artist and how your passion for music was born?

Ever since I was a kid and I used to hum improvised tunes, however everything changed when a friend of mine and “putty” performer gave me a text she had written asking if I could make it into a refrain. From that day I never stopped, I started writing things and slowly I got my world..

First a rapper and then you embraced pop culture, why this move and what kind of music do you reflect today?

Yes, let’s say rap has helped me a lot in writing words, rhyming as well as giving meaning to them, but I have always loved harmonizing them and with time I have developed that more. However, today I still love rap and I still enjoy doing it. I don’t attribute myself to any particular genre, I don’t want to label myself.

This is your new single without doing it on purpose, what is it about and what are the musical stylistic elements that characterize it?

The song mainly talks about a story of redemption, as far as the beat is concerned, we took inspiration from “Kanye West” and “The Weeknd” above all, trying to give a strong influence was, but kept the song flowing harmoniously, as if it would take you inside another dimension.

How did your music and your writing process come about? Do you draw inspiration from anything in particular?

Absolutely yes!! Apart from everything that surrounds me and lives in, I also like to talk about other people and their experiences.

What are your future plans after the release of your new single? Can you give us some anticipation?

Kuch achhe bhi honge.. I have many songs to tell you.

Spotify by Rich: rich rich | Spotify

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