Irina Shayk is alone without Tom Brady carrying her pup in her expensive handbag

andromance between Irina Shayk and tom brady Everything has just begun, all eyes are on them paparazzi glassesits flight is similar to postcard Just like they’ve given over the past few days. And the legendary former QB Lounging on a yacht in MiamiRussian supermodel appears on the streets New York with a very expensive Hermès Birkin bag He brought his pet dog with him as a privileged passenger.

It can be seen that the lives of both celebrities have been affected. Different properties The oft-cited romance story is likely to become disastrous defeat due to their’Not compatible“This is becoming more and more noticeable.

They haven’t been together for a long time.

Of course, both exude style separate activitiesbecause while Brady was sunbathing in the sun Expensive yachts off the Florida coast Shayk took to the street catwalk in a swimsuit and sunglasses. Black sleeved shirt, tonal trousers and Adidas Samba tennis shoesin addition to the previously mentioned packages, the price of which reaches $70,000 because it is used crocodile skin.

Very busy and with an “open” heart

The couple haven’t been together since last September, perhaps also because of their busy schedule, and Shayk is still very active in the fashion industry and continue to be open to other options, such as going back to your ex Bradley Cooperr; Brady looked busy now, as he left the stands and traded the stands for a microphone. fox sports networkthe work he does combines life with children and public relations National Football League.

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