Is it all a lie? Luis Miguel’s team steps out to deny rumors about his tour, promises legal action — FMDOS

Luis Miguel Ready to hold his ninth concert in Chile, thus ending his long stay in our country and continuing his tour in Las Vegas, USA.

But his tour and return to Chile did not leave anyone indifferent, especially since strong rumors at his first show ensured that mexican sun He has doubles, and it’s all because of a different look than we’re used to seeing.

Strong rumors of so-called hospitalization ensued, culminating in a quick trip to the doctor for bronchitis.Furthermore, it has been discussed Luis Miguel He underwent surgical intervention, specifically gastric sleeve surgery, which was reflected in his dramatic weight loss.

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The drastic measures Luis Miguel’s team will take

Despite all these lies it seems unaffected mexican sun Although they were not mentioned on any occasion, magazine confirmed that Luis Miguel’s legal team has decided to take action to end fake news.

According to media reports, the Mexican artist did not use a double, did not undergo any surgical intervention, and was not hospitalized.

In addition to the information collected Hello, It is understood that since the 1980s, the artist has successfully held 567 concerts, attracting 4.3 million performances.

The success of Luis Miguel’s tour is not without reason, with the artist estimated to have earned 853 million pesos per show in Chile. In other words, if multiplied by ten nights, the Mexicans would take away $8.5 billion. Of course, although the money had to be shared with his team, at least half of it went into his pocket.

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