Is It Over (Again) Between Camila Cabello & Shawn Mendes? Source: “He Felt Something”

There is no doubting the indiscretions reported by the Sun and the Daily Mail. They too would have decided to end their relationship (again) like any other VIP.

they broke up. no we are not talking Sonia Brugnelli And Paul Bonolisneither of damian of the menskins And Georgia Soleri But the Camila Cabello And shawn mendes, (plus) their relationship, for the second time, seems to have come to an end, as they report Sunday And daily Mail, From the series: “Vibrating VIP couple”.

Beautiful, nice, famous, rich but still human. Humans yes, with ups and downs like everyone else. And, like everyone else, with more or less stable, more or less long-lasting relationships. And so it’s definitely over (again) between the Cuban singer-songwriter and the Canadian singer-songwriter. For those who don’t know them, these are both voices”Señorita”, the song of 2019 which currently has over 2 billion (yes, you read that right) streams on Spotify. But not only that. Each of them has signed great hits: “Is carefree”,Havana” Or “don’t go now“, He. “there’s nothing to hold me back,stitches,Mercy“, that. Big number. In short, two true international pop stars.

Their relationship started in July 2019, and then called off after two years in November 2021. At that point the two decided to announce the end of the relationship with a post on social media. “Hi guys – read the post – We have decided to end our romantic relationship but our mutual affection as human beings is stronger than ever. We started our story as good friends and will continue to do so. We start Appreciate your support since and will continue to do so. Camilla and Sean.” Then, just a few months ago, the twist: the two are ‘pinched’ together coachella music festival, So fans are pleasantly surprised by the thought of his flashback. Consider that the video of their kiss, posted on Twitter at @PopBase, has been viewed nearly 45 million times. Then together again, last May 26, at my colleague Taylor Swift’s concert and then other “pizzicatoes” around New York. But it was all an illusion.

,it was just an adventure which has now decided to close – an insider told Al Sunday He realized that it was probably a mistake to give a second chance to a relationship that had not worked out before. Things between them ended the first time for some reason. In fact, they both know that they are not made for each other and now they just want to move on, “concludes the source. Will this really happen? There is no official confirmation or denial at the moment and writes daily Mail, His representatives have not (yet?) answered questions about this. There are likely to be more revelations in the coming days.

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