Is this BLACKPINK’s Lisa?

This is the moment! BLACKPINK was created in August 2016 by YG Entertainment. The four songs debuted alongside “Boombayah” and “Whistle”, the group’s first single album under the name “Square On”.

From the very beginning, the quartet’s names and names have been spreading not only across the media from South Korea, but rather throughout the world, as a sign of why BLACKPINK has achieved global success – and one of the people responsible for thousands of people. This is how the group conquered the red color of the world Lisaan integral part of new learning that will make a difference in the future Jisoo, Jenny AND Rose.

Is this Lisa?

Before we get into idol success, let’s go back to our roots. On March 27, 1997, he was born in Buriram Province, Thailand. Pranpriya Manobanhair name quality Lisa You were registered when you were born – where did you find it? Lalisa Manoban so if you consult a blind man. The new name means “one who is loved.”

Thread, which is the only thread of a Thai woman who, according to Kprofiles, is a master of one of Thailand’s top certified chefs, Marco BruschweilerHe moved to Bangkok with his family three years ago.

Over the years, she has expressed her love for dance by participating in various competitions and dedicated or contracted groups. Inside the formations that Lisa part of the fez, it’s worth visiting We Zaa Cool, where the artist performs on the side Bam bamfrom Got7, an idol who had a great friendship since childhood.

First steps, rumo ao extrelato

Um 2010 when Lisa When she was just 13 years old, she decided to test her abilities and take part in the auditions for YG Entertainment held in Thailand, making her the only contestant from the country accepted by the Korean agency. As a result of the conquest Lisa He left his family and friends for many years and in 2011, he turned 14 in Korea until he became a trainee and began to strive for his son to become a great idol again.

I didn’t sacrifice much to ensure that he lived through his efforts and was rewarded, considering that in his two years as a trainee, especially in 2013, he was the most expensive in a K-pop video for the first time, appearing in ‘Ringa Linga’ Taeyang, an integral part of BIGBANG. Pain Lisa!

It’s worth remembering this Lisa I trained for 5 years and 3 months, and my great friend returned at a new age. Jennybecause the Thai girl can’t speak Korean and Jenny she was the only one who spoke English out of the first three. Now it’s time to turn you into a truthful polyglot, since you have already learned the South Korean language, Lisa you also know how to communicate in Thai, English, Japanese and Chinese.

Finally an idol

Em 2016, Lisa If you return for the second season, you will be confirmed as one of the four members of BLACKPINK and achieve success. Lisa If you go back, you will find it as “Princess of Thailand” in your home country.

In 2018, the idol appeared in various programs, such as the reality show “Real Men 300”, which allowed celebrities to experience what a South Korean military soldier looks like. Due to this, she returned as a mentor to the Youth With You program to help trainees improve their abilities and prepare for their debut. Last year you created your own YouTube channel, or Lilifilm Official, where you publish vlogs and dance videos.

Showing that they are just the beginning of a long career, September 10, 2021 Lisa released as a soloist with the first single “Lalisa”.

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