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The 10-month-old girl was transported to Caguazu Regional Hospital through the pediatric emergency department.

When doctors examined her, they were shocked. “He was hospitalized with complicated pneumonia and was in serious condition. But when they examined him, they found injuries to his genitals,” prosecutor Rita Prieto said.

“She was examined gynecologically and anally and she showed some signs of abuse,” he added.

His situation was complicated; in addition to pneumonia, she had a serious infection in her private parts, so they decided to transfer her to Asuncion.

After being intubated, she was put into an ambulance, but she died after arriving in the city of Eusebio Ayala. “This was yesterday afternoon (Thursday) due to complications from his pneumonia,” Prieto explained.

The creature arrived at the hospital from the Kajipoti indigenous community in Caguazú, accompanied by her aunt and leaders of the Mbia Guarani organization.

The aunt told prosecutors that the girl was not her daughter but her niece. “They said his mother abandoned him four months ago and he was being cared for by an aunt,” he said. He lived with her, her husband and the couple’s son, an 11-year-old cousin, in a relative’s house.

“They claim they had no idea she was being abused,” he added.

Although she did not appear to be malnourished, her health was neglected. He lamented: “It’s very sad what he went through in such a short life and that he went into treatment very late.”

The little body will undergo an autopsy today at the capital’s morgue to determine whether it was abused.

Another case, in the bathroom

A teacher reported to the public authorities a shocking case that occurred in the bathroom of a school in Ciudad del Este. Prosecutor Vivian Coronel told Telefuturo that the victim was 6 years old and the suspect was 16.

According to the data they have, this isn’t the first time this has happened to the agency.

accused teacher

Four mothers reported allegations of harassment and attempted abuse of their daughters. Prosecutors found that the alleged abuser was a teacher. The girls commented to Gesell’s camera that the teacher was sitting in the back of the classroom and he told the girls to grope and kiss them while showing them a video. He is on the run. The place is José Felix Lopez (Puentesiño) in Concepción.

when leaving school

In Santiago, Misiones province, a 15-year-old girl was abused by two men after school. The mother reported that they forcibly carried her into a white car.

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