Is this your first time attending a La Aldea celebration?Some tips you should know

When Our Lady of Pino returned to her cathedral, saint nicholas It leaves through the door of La Aldea Church.The village government calculates the time for dancing La branch Saturday the 9th, celebrate pilgrimage– Sunday the 10th to offer sacrifices to their saints and bathe in the waters of El puddleMonday, September 11.

Since it’s the holidays, there may not seem to be any complications, but there are a few things to know Skill These are three days that will help you enjoy dancing more than sleeping.

descendants of rama

descendants of rama

On Saturday, September 9, one of the three major feast days of the celebration of the patron saint begins, in honor of Saint Nicholas of Tolentino. At 5:00 pm, villagers and tourists start dancing from the Los Picos Warehouse in Los Llanos.Its essence lies in Group dance carrying branches The streets of the town are filled with joy and fun as the pine trees accompany the sound of music and “papagüevos”.

On this day you’d better wear Reusable cup made of material other than glass with a lid on top. Regarding clothing and footwear, The more comfortable you are, the better. Try wearing short, loose-fitting clothes with previously worn sneakers. Branches start in the afternoon, the sun is a good ally in these holidays, do not forget to wear a hat and glasses to protect yourself from the sun. If you wear sunscreen, your body will thank you.



If there’s one good day for Saint Nicholas of Aldea, it’s the pilgrimage in honor of its saint. Tradition and Dedication They gathered from the Los Picos warehouse at 6:00 pm on the second day of the celebration.

Must carry appropriate traditional clothingas the pilgrimage seeks to ensure the preservation of Canarian traditions.

What should you consider before wearing typical Canarian clothing?

  • Never go without a hat, they always wear a hat and always wear a hat and a scarf, it is correct to only use a scarf.

  • Please do not wear sportswear, T-shirts, sneakers, sweatshirts, etc.

  • Do not wear fashionable items, bags, high heels, wedges, watches, sunglasses, hats, etc.

  • Do not wear promotional clothing, hats, scarves, etc.

  • To carry the items you commonly use today (cell phone, keys, watch, etc.), you can use a satchel or backpack made of traditional fabrics and construction.

el chacoz

el chacoz

this day is town identity. It’s a moment where families and neighbors coexist by the sea, culminating in collective fishing in the El Chaco wetlands.

This festival has evolved over the years and is a task for villagers Teach future generations to take care of them and keep them in conditions familiar to them.

What you need to know if you’re planning to jump into a puddle for the first time The clothes you throw away will not be used again.. So wear an outfit that you won’t be ashamed to throw away. It is important not to wear a swimsuit or bikini and remember that tradition must be respected.

Wearing shoes is important, close if possible, but don’t take off your shoes. You won’t always be able to see what you’re stepping on, and you could injure your foot.

In the minutes before the puddle begins, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • It is prohibited to bring glass objects near the El Charco coast, nor to throw stones.

  • It is important not to cross the boundary (white stripe) unless you are involved in fishing and dipping. To cross the line, you have to wait until 5:00 p.m. before the town mayor can throw out the flyer.

  • Participants must exercise extreme caution due to the risk of substantial entry.

  • The essence of this festival is collective fishing. This should be the main goal of everyone involved. As many fishermen as possible are advised to provide them with household equipment such as baskets, fishing gear and avoid carrying fishing nets.

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