The health department is preparing to vaccinate the new coronavirus + influenza mixed vaccine at the end of the month

The health department is preparing to vaccinate the new coronavirus + influenza mixed vaccine at the end of the monthJuan Carlos Cabal

The Ministry of Health has completed the activity Vaccination influenzawhich will be ahead of end of septembereven though the first calendar they used dated it to October.

he COVID-19 cases rebound This situation has been evident in all communities in recent weeks, prompting the Ministry of Health and the autonomous region to advance the immunization of high-risk groups by the end of September, as agreed at a meeting of the Public Health Committee on Tuesday. Regional officials, including the Director of Public Health of the Ministry of Murcia.

As last year, mixed vaccinations will also be carried out this time, giving citizens flu and coronavirus doses in the same visit, as this allows for higher vaccine coverage.bells Will start with risk groups First up are nursing homes, which according to health sources will coincide with school flu vaccinations, which are scheduled to take place at the end of September Vaccinate 27,000 children aged 3 and 4 years intranasally (baby’s first and second) at school, La Opinión reported.

of this activity combined vaccination The work against influenza and covid-19 will start in the last week of September, targeting certain target groups, such as Over 60 years oldpeople who are in the following conditions riskthis pregnant and health and social care staff.

Vaccines adapted to Ómicron

The “best” vaccines received from the last week of September and starting in October are those adapted to the new variants. In Europe, only Pfizer (called Comirnaty Ómicron XBB.1.5) has received support from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the European Commission, although there are other candidates.

Regarding the influenza and COVID-19 vaccines, this will be the third time that both vaccines are administered simultaneously, coinciding with a slight increase in SarS-CoV-2 for several weeks, which has now stabilized: the rate is about 130 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Primary care, 3 cases required hospitalization.

Rates in the Region of Murcia COVID-19 incidence rate last week A 32% increase from the previous weekAccording to a report released by the Epidemiological Investigation Center of the Ministry of Health yesterday Wednesday. Specifically, the seven-day cumulative incidence rate is 71.03 cases per 100,000 residents, compared with 53.6 cases per 100,000 residents recorded in the previous report.

fifth dose

A fifth covid-19 dose is recommended for persons over 60 years of age; persons over 5 years of age living in residential and disability centers or long-term institutions and residents of closed institutions; high-risk groups under 60 years of age ( (such as diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, etc.), pregnant women during pregnancy and postpartum women, and cohabitants of immunosuppressed people.

Also applies to staff in public and private health and social hygiene centers (with the exception of students for whom influenza vaccination is only recommended) and staff in essential public services.

As a novelty in the recommendations approved in July, staff from health facilities such as pharmacies are also included.

The Regional Health Ministry of Murcia expects to receive some by the end of October next year 216,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccinedespite insisting that a new vaccination campaign would be rolled out by the end of September.

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