Is WWE star Kehlani Jordan related to NBA legend Michael Jordan?

Kelani Jordan is making waves in WWE. She first appeared on television on May 12, 2023. Beyond her name, her interviews and competitive spirit definitely turn heads. People don’t seem to notice the similarities between Kehlani’s approach to the game and the Chicago Bulls legend.

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Her competitiveness is one of her biggest selling points. Beyond that, her aerial moves and the way she moves in the ring certainly raise the question of whether she’s related to Michael Jordan.

Are Michael Jordan and Kehlani similar?


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Kehlani Jordan is 24 years old. She made her NXT singles debut by defeating Tatum Paxley. Even though she was so young, her eyes were set on gold. This led to her being crowned champion after her first win in NXT. She works out regularly in the gym and strives to be the best she can be. But is her drive for greatness similar to someone we know?

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Even though she lost to Cora Jade, her competitive spirit is still strong. She kept thinking about her failure and was very angry with herself. After this, she went on to team up with Dana Brooke and one day be able to defeat Cora Jade.

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Kehlani was a stunner in WWE as a finisher, made famous by the legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin said in the interview that his favorite NBA player is Michael Jordan.

Shortly after her debut, she came under the wing of Dana Brooke, who became her on-screen mentor. They formed a tag team and competed in several matches.

Sticking with the 59-year-old NBA veteran’s comparison to Michael Jordan, the Pistons legend chose LeBron James over MJ for a special reason

Dana Brooke mentioned multiple times on the show that Kehlani is always training in the gym to get better. But now that Dana Brooke is no longer with WWE, Kelani must find her own path and reach the finish line. She is ready for the upcoming Women’s Breakthrough Championship.


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Who is Kehlani Jordan?

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Her real name is Leah Mitchell. She was a gymnast at Michigan State University. Her gymnastics skills definitely shine through in WWE, as evidenced by her cartwheeling elbows. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall. She has won 23 professional gymnastics titles.

Kelina received the Big Ten Wayne Duke Graduate Award in 2021. Kelani is the first female student at MSU to achieve this achievement. She came to Nashville to compete in the 2022 WWE Tryouts. The judges were so impressed with her performance that they offered her a contract and she began training at the WWE Performance Center.


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Isn’t Dennis Rodman the only person in wrestling who served as Jordan’s sideman? Let us know in the comments!

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