Isiah Thomas calls Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and more a disgrace over Jerry Krause’s emotional rant

last dance The success angered some in the NBA. Even three years later, the events captured in the documentary are still being scrutinized. Jerry Krause’s recent disrespectful behavior at the Ring of Honor ceremony also added fuel to the fire. Recently, NBA veteran Isiah Thomas spoke about Krause’s legacy.

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Krause said the disrespect he received during his tenure was unfair to a man who had done so much for the Chicago Bulls. He spoke highly of Klaus, saying: “We can say that Jerry Krause is the best and greatest president/general manager that Chicago sports has ever had.”

Isiah Thomas accuses Michael Jordan and teammates of disrespecting Jerry Krause


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The NBA veteran recalls games he watched last dance documentary series and felt rejected by the players for the way they treated Krause. Although he didn’t name any names, the documentary revealed that those who had issues with the former general manager were Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. He said, “He won six championships. I can think of no other general manager, president in Chicago that had six wins and was more efficient.”

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Thomas also reflected on the disrespect toward Krause within the team that was almost constant and that fans saw in the documentary. He said, “The way the players treated him, you know, after watching ‘The Last Dance,’ I’ve said it before, I’ve never seen a president or general manager of a team be treated with such disrespect. When he came on board Getting on the bus or around the players, I couldn’t believe how they treated him and disrespected him.”

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The NBA veteran is not wrong in his assessment of this matter, because we have all seen the image of Krause in the documentary. However, equating this with recent events and saying fans are being blamed for the former general manager is wrong and incorrect for the team.

Charles Barkley defends Jerry Krause by attacking ‘cheap’ Bulls owner three years after bashing Chicago fans


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During that time, the Bulls pretty much dominated the NBA and were the hottest team in basketball. Therefore, anything that happens within the organization will also be communicated to the media and the public through various channels. Therefore, fans’ attitude towards Klaus has always been negative. However, this should not allow anyone to disrespect the deceased and make his wife cry at night when he is honored by the franchise.

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