Israel, Günlük Saldırılara 4 Saatlik Ara Verecek!

Principal Representative: National Security Council Strategic Coordinator John Kerbyden Details

National Security Council Strategic Coordinator John Kirby is on a conference call at his 10 station, holding a press conference, and Israel is actively amassing more followers. The 4-5 hour journey takes longer than ever before on a crazy journey with Kirby’s Aktaran, as Gazilerin blasts water from being cut by being thrown into the open air. I am happy.

Here’s how to write: Güvenlik ve Kaçış Yolları

“Sure enough that’s what happens in the crazy gas that destroys all your wealth in your crazy way. This would still be a good time to do it again,” Kirby said. In the corridor, humanitarian operations are being carried out everywhere.

Sahil Yolu Boyunca Güvenli Kaçış Rotası

First, you will find a parallel version of the video that you can read from the right side of the page. Kirby coordinator, “Sahil yolu boyunca uzanan ikinci rota, daha fazla insanın güneydeki daha güvenli bölgelere ulaşmasını sağlayacak” diye ekledi.

Israel in Saldırılara Ara Worm Kararı

Kirby was released in Israel 4 hours after the worm appeared: “Israel, Kozendeki invaded more blame on herself for staying at home. She started working again. duyurulacağını anlıyoruz. Askeri operation yapılmayacağını ve bu Sure bugün başlayacağını ifade ettiller.”

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