It is recommended to return to East vs West

All-Stars have become a headache for the NBA recent seasons. The once-inevitable event no longer attracts fans; the games are perpetual 1v1, impromptu triple-down and dunk contests, no defense, and zero competitiveness.that’s why It is considering new tweaks to the format and a return to the old format, which pits the best players from the Eastern Conference against those from the Western Conference..

This is what he knows Commissioner Adam Silver Stephen A. Smith was interviewed on ESPN’s “First Take.” Over the past few seasons, The player with the most votes becomes captain and joins the team through the draft. It was engaging at first and there was interest in understanding everyone’s options, but there was a similar lack of substance on all sides. Research is now underway to restore the original structure.

“We’re looking at some possible changes to the format this year in Indianapolis. Maybe going back a little bit more in terms of the roster. We discussed the concept of captains and the draft, but History has always been a contest between East and West.It’s a legacy thing that we’re looking at,” Silver said This season’s All-Star Game will be held at Gainbridge Fieldhouse.

Impetus to improve competitiveness

Joe Dumars, NBA director of basketball operationsguaranteed last week Reviving interest in the All-Stars and getting players to work harder is a top priority for the league.The big question is should they be provided their motivation to do so. The weekend celebrating the event is a festive addition to a grueling regular-season calendar.

One of the possibilities that has been considered on other occasions and could offer some competitiveness is A meeting between players from the United States and the rest of the world.look LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant… compete Nikola Jokic, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic… It will have a lot of appeal, at least for the first few years. However, despite Silver’s success in other sports, such as golf at the Ryder Cup, he didn’t think about that..

The commissioner also talked about Content loaded from calendar and explained that no one was considering reducing the number of games. “Our league has 82 games. None of us believe the season should be shortened. There is no data to support this. We won’t see any more injuries as the season goes on. Players no longer more likely to get injured after playing 40 games. “Injuries happen.”

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