“It was the first time, I’ve never felt so alive”

Britney Spears conquered me fan with her amazing voice, enjoying drive V beach. Yesterday, spent at sea, in bikini yellow-straw hat, the singer enthusiastically approached horse for the first time at the water’s edge sea.

The star, electrified by horseback riding, allowed herself to go to one of her beautiful ballets with a dazzling smile.

Britney Spears hit the basketball player’s bodyguard: “He hit me in the face, it was traumatic”

Britney Spears and the mystery of reflection in a selfie: fans noticed an alarming detail

The 41-year-old American star posted photos of her riding a horse by the sea on a deserted beach. Visibly flustered, she shared a short video with the caption, “First time riding on the beach! I got scared cause I never felt so alive»followed by a series of emoticons.

She recently accused her family of going to the press behind her back, alleging that her husband and children were trying to cast a bad light on an alleged drug addiction that she denied existed. Free and smiling, which means she shows herself happy: then a flash.

“Life is too short”

Salt heals all wounds!!! Yesterday I was in the ocean for several hours. It’s funny that we’re told adults need to grow up! The ocean always brings out the little girl in me and that’s the biggest problem. The world can make you bitterly hard and cold!Brinty Spears spoke about this in a video, holding seashells, allegedly collected on the beach during the day.

“Life is too short, folks. Be happy,” concluded the singer.

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