‘It won’t last a while’: Leonardo DiCaprio’s love story revealed as a 25-year-old model

Convinced that he is in love with many over 25, Leonardo DiCaprio continues his rise to fame. According to Page Six, or the star, he has been in love with Italian model Vittoria Ceretti for 48 years.

Leonardo DiCaprio revealed his love story for the 25-year-old model: “It won’t last long”The actor has been falling in love with the Italian model more than ever for 23 years now. Photo: Redes sociais/Reprodução/ND

Over the past few months, the house has been highlighted at various gatherings in this country and abroad, prompting inquiries as to whether it was an accidental truth.

I already told you that a source close to the house told Page Six that “enough time has passed since our last few months” and that “we are enjoying ourselves on a deeper level.”

DiCaprio and Ceretti were spotted in public for the first time while partying in Ibiza, Spain on August 9. The spirit of Titanic and the Italian beauty can be seen in the video that we watch and celebrate together.

Does DiCaprio like everything new?

After we revealed photos of the 25-year-old model, some people were quick to ridicule the actor for not being serious about a long-term relationship since she turns 26 next year. “This will be clear before the end of this period,” one user wrote.

Internet users enjoy reading with the father of our beloved ones – Photo: Twitter/Reproducão/NDInternet users enjoy reading with our loved ones’ father – Photo: Twitter/Reprodução/ND

DiCaprio’s last public record was until the end of August 2022, when he and 25-year-old model Camila Morrone split. While social partners, we exploded with joy at the fate that always ended our lovers before our daughters turned 26.

Everything, for all occasions. The list of related 25-year-old actresses includes Gisele Bündchen, Blake Lively and Nina Agdal.

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