“It’s like trying to learn a new language”

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  • Reich was fired after just 11 games in first season as Panthers head coach
  • Owner David Tepper said Tuesday that he is known for his “extreme patience.”
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Tom Brady weighs in on the Carolina Panthers’ firing of their former head coach Frank Reich, warning NFL teams one of the keys to the league’s success It’s continuity.

On this week’s episode of the SiriusXM podcast “Let’s Go!,” Brady, who has played almost exclusively under one head coach during his 23 seasons in the league, Bill Belichick, was asked whether What stability would bring to an NFL team, considering Reich was fired after just 11 games and didn’t even finish a full season in Carolina.

“I think the big part of firings and hirings and all of this is continuity, which is key in the NFL and in business,” the 45-year-old seven-time Super Bowl champion said.

“The more continuity you have, the more you can continue to develop over the course of many years. If you focus specifically on football, it’s hard to cover what’s going on every week, where in a game, the game starts, the quarter ends, you How to use timeouts, halftime, critical third down situations, critical red zone plays, situational football.

“All of these things need to be established and these representatives are talking about it in practice, in meetings and again and again.”

Tom Brady compares studying new head coach’s playbook to learning a new language
Carolina Panthers fire former head coach Frank Reich after just 11 games this season

Brady went on to compare learning a head coach’s playbook and strategies over the course of a full season (18 games) to “trying to learn a language.”

“What if you had to switch languages ​​every year?” he asked podcast host and sports journalist Jim Gray. “… It’s really hard to establish that consistency and continuity.”

Former Cardinals wide receiver and 2018 Walter Payton NFL Player of the Year Larry Fitzgerald, who met Reich in Arizona in 2012, couldn’t hide his feelings for his former coach on the show love.

“I obviously like Coach Reich,” said the two-time NFL receptions leader (2005, 2016). “He played a huge role in my development when he was a receiver at Arizona.

“He’s had a tough couple of years, obviously in Indianapolis and now in Carolina. I didn’t expect him to lose his job so quickly, but it’s a tough industry and his boss had a hard time with him. High expectations. You know, it’s sad to see this…

“It’s funny, you look at where Carolina was last year? They had Steve Wilkes in the building. All the players seemed to really like him. They really forced him to stay there. Mr. Trepper decided Coach Reich was hired, but they found themselves in the same situation they were in just a few months ago.

Panthers owner David Tepper said Tuesday he expects head coach to last 20-30 years
Chris Tabor named Panthers interim head coach following Reich’s firing

During Reich’s tenure as head coach, the Panthers had a 1-10 record, the worst record in the league.

Since Tepper purchased an NFL franchise in 2018, he has gone through Ron Rivera, Matt Rhule and Reich. Added interim coaches Perry Fewell, Steve Wilks and now Chris Tabor. That leaves Tepper with more coaches than he has coached in years.

Quarterbacks coach Josh McCown and running backs coach/assistant head coach Duce Staley were also fired Monday after Tabor took over.

“My reputation outside of this game is being extremely patient,” Tepper said Tuesday. “I hope someone stays here for 20-30 years.”

When Tepper acquired the Panthers in 2018, Rivera led the Panthers to an 11-5 season. Over the past five-plus seasons, they are 30-63.

“There are a lot of factors that go into success on the field, rosters, schemes, practices, etc.,” Tepper said. “Obviously we can do better in all phases because the product on the field right now isn’t good enough.”

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