It’s Thanksgiving, here’s the trailer for Eli Roth’s horror film starring Patrick Dempsey.

Forget the classic Thanksgiving with pumpkins and turkeys: with Thanksgiving Day The most American party is painted in a blood red hue. In fact, in 2007, director Eli Roth created a fake trailer for a then non-existent film on occasion Grindhouse, a double feature by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. After 16 years, this film is finally taking shape and is, in essence, Thanksgiving Day. After his debut in Cabin fever in 2002 and after achieving maximum success with the saga of Hostels opened in 2005, Roth established himself as one of the directors slasher the most brutal and convincing on the modern stage. In recent years, he has devoted himself to various types of projects (for example, fantasy projects). The Mystery of the House of Time or a documentary about the environment Fin), but now he’s ready to return to his bloodier roots.

As you can see from the first trailer released during these hours, the action takes place during the Thanksgiving holiday. After the city Plymouth, Massachusettsshocked by Black Friday shopping center that turned tragic, the mysterious serial killer known as John Carver and, disguised as a pilgrim with a mustache and hat, he comes to cause panic. In a grotesque plan of revenge, he actually kills and tortures the local population, destroying them primarily on group of boyswhich, apparently, in turn hide an unpleasant secret.

In the cast Thanksgiving Day we find a former star Gray’s Anatomy Patrick Dempsey in the role of a local sheriff, ready to become the new hero of the situation. But among the young heroes there are also Addison RaeAmerican TikTok star, ready to make it big on the big screen alongside veteran Gina Gershon (PS. I Love You, Rifkin Festival). The film will be released in American theaters soon. November 17.

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