Jacob Elordi: style and bags

Since when Jacob Elordi appeared at the premiere Priscilla, Sofia Coppola’s new film, in Venice, the network seems to have gone crazy. If the TV world produces dozens and dozens of poster boys every year who then get lost at sea thirst traps on Instagram, few actors really manage to transfer their charm into the realm of sex symbols.. But this year, Jacob Elordi made his case for becoming a future sex symbol, so to speak, with a stunning series of looks that went viral on the Internet: be it Celine’s tie-less tuxedo, suits and designer bags from Bottega Veneta, worn with The most casual outfits imaginable, Valentino boots with terry Nike socks, a white Zegna shirt, casually combined with the now iconic Louis Vuitton Speedy pieces, Elordi managed escape from the whirlpool of artificial images created by stylists and create a style that is truly personal. It’s not that the actor is anything less than a fashion genius, and it’s clear that his attractiveness plays a fundamental role in the dynamics of why we like him, but lately Elordi has perfectly embodied this principle once proclaimed by Carrie Bradshaw:I was looking for the perfect $7 vintage dress to go with my $300 shoes.“, according to which every loud item we wear should be balanced with something quieter, so as not to give the impression of being dressed to the nines.

In particular, fans and the press noted Elordi’s penchant for luxury bags. We are not talking about a classic belt bag with a logo, but about real it-bags, which are among the most popular and expensive. Well, these noticeable and recognizable bags are almost never paired with “editorial” clothing, but their effect is obvious. goes well with simple clothes, linear style and practical color schemes.. The other day in Venice, accompanying the brilliant Speedy from Louis Vuitton, the actor wore jeans, black loafers and a white shirt with silver jewelry and a watch, and on his head was a Pali Hollywood hat (disproportionately expensive) with the inscription James Dean Death Cult. If not for the bright yellow Louis Vuitton bag, the look would have been completely casual. Only the cut and fabric of the Zegna shirt with long sleeves reaching to the forearm and a thick collar could give away the presence designer clothing in the look. At the Burberry dinner in Los Angeles last year, the look was more subdued (button-down sweater, shirt and tie, Cartier wrist tank, bag), but it still didn’t include artificial appearance of copied images from the series which purer influencers wear, defying all the laws of plausibility. In another memorable look, a Prada jacket with a clearly visible triangle logo was paired with a white T-shirt, loose gray trousers, Adidas sneakers and a red bandana tied around the neck: carelessly the way the statement jacket mixed with other, quite normal and anonymous clothing was something to strive for.

In a fashion industry where looking your best doesn’t mean looking your best, Jacob Elordi shines with simplicity and naturalness of his choice. In fact, it’s because when it comes to clothing that the choice is truly his that he shines, this is the look the actor actually steps out of the house in. However, the images remain fresh because, while remaining simple in their composition, they do not seem to follow the trend of the moment. they never go beyond the reasonable and never beyond the pretentious. Style type between normcore and Nolita Dirt Bag which is already starting to spread: a few days ago A$AP Rocky he was seen getting into his car wearing his workout clothes (hooded sweatshirt, Puma shorts and a pair of Asics) but carrying a Kelly Depeches 36 bag from Hermès; but also Jeremy Allen White, recently hailed as the new messiah of menswear for his totally effortless look, and Justin Bieber, recently went viral for dressing (intentionally, we think) in tracksuits to accompany his wife Hailey Bieber, who opted for a decidedly higher tone instead. Think sportswear or overalls, an unkempt beard, tattoos and earrings. Bad guy, ensembles undeniable in their elemental simplicity, with accessories designed to bring out more creativity. Could this be a new path for menswear? We do not know. For now, let’s let Jacob Elordi try to show us one image at a time.

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