Ligabue wants us: “Only together can we save ourselves”

The original title of a classic Super League match such as Salviamoci la Pelle has four exclamation points. New album “Dedicated to Us” on Friday metaphorically adds a fifth. Because the original Cosi Come Sei is nothing more than a continuation of a distant hit written by the idol Correggio to reassure us that thirty-two years later, “he and she” are still together. Who saved their own skins, just like we think we all saved ourselves before these eleven new songs tired of feelings, of the provinces and, yes, of the nineties. Those of the story songs are the real specialty of rockers in tap shoes. The album has one foot in the past and look straight and open to the future, let’s just mention an irreplaceable imprint from his life that, after the youth failure of “Start” (with Federico Nardelli in the director’s booth, despite the fact that he is neither Gazzel nor Fulminacci), surprises Ligabue again with Fabrizio Barbacci, former producer of “Buon Elvis” » birthday and other entries that graced his golden decade. “At the beginning of the decade of my life, I counted six, but it was never like that,” he admits. “Between the pandemic, the war on our doorstep, the catastrophes caused by climate change, the dramatic rise in rape and feminicide, the children of Generation Z, anyone on the psychologist’s couch who admits that they have no idea about the future is left stunned. That’s why I think there is a need for unity and therefore for the ‘we’ that I put in the title.”

Already in his first album, the word “we” appeared in the title of the song.

“Yes, but in Non è tempo per noi I used it to convey the feeling of being outside the frame. Even today I feel unfashionable and out of place, like many others, but I also believe in the need to keep up to date with all the events. the same side to eliminate time distortions.”

During the 2000 tour, his son Lorenzo Lenni, armed with a pacifier, wandered around his father’s dressing room for the first time. Now this kid, who is now twenty-five years old, is the main drummer on this album.

“It was not my choice, but Barbacci’s choice. He told me that he thought Lenny was the right person for the album, which on the one hand flattered my fatherly pride, but made me a little nervous. In the end everything went well. It took us a long time to make this album, and all the time we spent together allowed Lenny to get to know me better from a professional point of view, which I think was reflected in our father-son relationship. I couldn’t have done more, I could have asked.”

Rome is in the center Eternal song.

“I can’t help but love this country. And the only thing that keeps me anchored is beauty. My daughter Linda’s boyfriend (every family’s name starts with L because Grandpa Marcello, a partisan, was convinced that this letter brought good luck – ed.) is from Baltimore, and I’m very happy to take him with me to open for itself the most beautiful country in the world. And despite all its dysfunctions, Rome remains one of the timeless, suspended cities.”

Returning to work with Barbacci may hide the risk of remaking Ligabue twenty years ago today.

“It could have been, but I didn’t think about it. Every time you go to a producer, you’re creating a collaboration/conflict because their job is to make things work in a way that you might not always agree with. But I needed a sound in which I could recognize myself, and Barbacci gave it to me. An album of guitars at a time when guitars on records weren’t getting much success. Let’s just say it’s an album that’s stubbornly built around the sound we like.”

On October 9 and 10, the long-awaited tour will also begin from the Verona Arena in Florence, Bologna, Brescia, Rimini, Ancona, Perugia, Milan and Livorno. But there is also television to promote the album. And in Italy there is only one program that can reach 13-15 million viewers. Have you thought about this?

“San Remo. Sooner or later I’ll be back, because last time I tried to play the self-irony card, but “I didn’t express myself in the best possible way.” With the idea of ​​making you smile by making fun of yourself, the writers and I created a prank similar to the one Will Smith played a while back on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show: that is, a series of witty attacks, each more exaggerated than the next. he’s an actor, I’m not. And people didn’t laugh. So I hope to return to the Riviera to give Ariston audiences the most classic of performances.”

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