James Cameron on the cinecomic: “I sympathize with Thanos’ solution; I root for a female director for Batman”

James Cameron recently spoke to TIME, discussing superhero movies. Extrapolating the most salient aspects of the interview, The director of Avatars first he said:

I can relate to Thanos. I thought you had a pretty good answer. The problem is, no one is ever going to raise their hand to volunteer to be the half that needs to go…

Who knows if his films would have made the same profits if 50% of viewers had suddenly evaporated …

I don’t pay, James Cameron then clarified some of his old criticisms of Wonder Womanspecifically to the too sexy costumes worn by the protagonist Gal Gadot:

I have no problem with Wonder Woman. I loved the first movie. What escaped me at the time is that it was OK for a woman to want to look beautiful and dress well not to please men’s gazes, but her own in the mirror.

Perhaps I had overlooked this aspect then. You know, life is made up of falls and people who fight back and talk about it and things get better.

James Cameron then finished by examining the shortage of female directors at cinecomic:

It was necessary to have a female director behind the camera of a big action movie, though Kathryn Bigelow he’d already been doing it for some time. She would have turned down any superhero film she was offered if it had a female lead.

And this is the healthiest perspective, in my opinion, personally. Why not have women direct the male characters? Have a woman run Batman. Then yes he would think about it.

Right away a scene of Terminator 2 with Sarah Connor:

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