Jennifer Aniston has always been single because of…

Twenty years after Rachel Friends, who has come a long way to marry the eternal beauty Ross, in News Jennifer Aniston he enters it for purely professional reasons. And also because she is single, happy and full of good advice without setting a bad example. The long profile Wall Street Journal is a collection of witty statements that echo last fall’s confessions about not having children (today she’s happy to reveal that her most famous co-stars, Jennifer Aniston’s co-star Adam Sandler and his wife send her Mother’s Day flowers every day) and develop a new story of awareness, starting with a career path girl next door American television down to the most personal topics. “There was a moment in my life and career when I realized that you don’t have to be aggressive, belligerent, irritable or emotional to get what you deserve and want. This is a heavy muscle that is difficult to train. And also to be loved. and dear, that is hard to achieve,” she says. Jennifer aniston today.

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AND Personal life of Jennifer Anistonjennifer aniston’s choice, i boyfriends and husbands jennifer aniston of yesterday (and their absence in the present) are inevitably the protagonists. “Make sure you go to bed with people you enjoy waking up with in the morning.” So Jen? “My dog. I sleep with her.” Comedy time off screwball comedy Beyond that, Jennifer Aniston walks the road and discovers the influence of the love stories she has seen and experienced since childhood. “Relationships have always been difficult for me, maybe because I have always been a lonely person. I don’t know. My parents, my family relationships never made me think, “Oh, I can’t wait.” Didn’t I love the idea of ​​sacrificing who you are or what you need, I never really knew how to do it. It was easier for me to be alone. They never taught me to compromise.” See marriage in the media with Brad Pitt, which ignited the beginning of the millennium and is one of the saddest stories in the world, as well as a second marriage to Justin Theroux, which turned into a deep friendship after their divorce in 2018. Jennifer Aniston he cannot think of sacrificing his desires in order to win someone’s favor. “Don’t be afraid to talk about needs and what you want. For me, it’s still a relationship issue. I’m good at all the other jobs I do, that part is a bit…” She doesn’t add anything else, she does it to feel that traditional relationships might not be his best talent. She has others: actress, producer, hair beauty entrepreneur, dog lover, and it suits them. And in filigree, one can only agree with her once again.

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