Jennifer Connelly’s secrets to staying in shape at 52 and the health benefits it brings

At the age of 52, Jennifer Connelly Still considered one of the most beautiful faces Hollywood, combined with an impressive physique, which is something many people would like to have. But what do you do? stay in shape?Just within your range exercise include runningwe will tell you all the benefits of practicing it.

Running and its benefits

First, running is nothing but rediscovery physical activities In fact, I have been practicing it all my life Jogging or runningand the person who practices it is called a runner.

However, the activity also gave rise to other types of running, which combine running or walking with other sports. practise, such as cross-country running, retro running, etc. However, this time we will put those branches aside and delve deeper into the topic.


Practicing running can provide a variety of health benefits, such as reducing anxiety and stress

In fact, more and more people are joining this sport due to the many physical and mental benefits that come with its practice.For example, it helps Reduce body fateven if the accumulation produces cellulitis.It will also help you sleep better Reduce anxiety and stress levels.

Also, running can help harmonize and strengthen Not just legs, but arms too abdomen and the back, as the muscles in these areas of the body are often strengthened by running or jogging.

However, what we mentioned isn’t the only thing running can help you with, as it can also improve Cardiovascular System and increase lung capacity. If that’s not enough, it also boosts our metabolism.

How to start running?

If you are a beginner and have just started joining this trend, you should remember that before you want to start playing, it is necessary to tone your body muscles, especially the legs and torso. To do this, you can do this Do strength exercises as Squatglute bridges and calf raises.


If you’re just starting out, running once or twice a week is ideal.

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This is crucial, if you don’t do this you could get injured before you even start. Therefore, we recommend not running it for several days in a row, but rather running it every few days. This will give your muscles a chance to recover.

If you’re just starting to run, you shouldn’t spend too much time running. It’s best to do this once or twice a week.

Finally, we also recommend that you go with a coach or expert on the subject, as he or she will be the right person to create a plan that will help you run like a pro.

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