Ed Sheeran, new album recorded at fans’ homes

Ed Sheeran, to the delight of his fans, is set to release his second album this year. The collection of unreleased songs will be released on September 29. Autumn variationsproducer Aaron Dessner, guitarist for The National. By the way, yesterday we learned that the singer is also preparing to release his third album in 2023. In an Instagram post, the artist revealed that he unexpectedly recorded a secret live version. Variations. Recordings took place in fans’ living rooms across the country.

I performed several surprise concerts in fans’ homes.secretly recording a live album Autumn variations where each song was performed in a different person’s living room,” he wrote alongside a video of his performance. Wake me up on the keyboard of one of his followers while she goes crazy and silently sings along with him.

“We arrived at @kariconaway’s house at the end of the day and I immediately knew it was going to be fun. In the beginning there were cats, friendship bracelets and fruit drinks. But as soon as the song plays Autumn “I told her, ‘Take me around,’ and when I walked into her room, I saw a piano,” he added. “She asked me if I could play and I said, ‘Not really, but I’ll play if you want.’ Wake me up

Ed Sheeran’s live album coming soon

The English singer stated that the album Autumn variations the live version will be released very soon. Surprise from Ed Sheeran, who almost revealed his fan. Kari Conway.

In May, Conway revealed that she met Ed Sheeran at the start of his tour. Mathematics. In early September, he posted a video in which the English singer showed up at his home with a guitar, poured some booze, played with his cat and played an acoustic set in his bedroom.

“This is what happens when you don’t keep quiet about your favorite artist 😭 The mystery is out and I can say that ED SHEERAN came to my house to visit me… #screamingcryingthrowingup#WHAT#edsheeran#sheerio#girldad#whatthefanfiction,” Kari wrote.

In early September, Ed Sheeran posted a hint of a surprise on TikTok. (this is the same photo that a Conway fan posted on her Insta feed). The singer promised “surprise visits with fans soon to record something special.” PS your cats were strong.” Ed Sheeran will perform Autumn Variations in full force for a pair of concerts at London’s Royal Albert Hall on November 18 and 19. North American leg of the tour Mathematics ends on Saturday, September 23 at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.

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