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This article was published on April 8, 2015 in the 13th issue of the journal Vanity Fair and today we again propose to trace the changes, the main character of which was Vanity over the past 20 years. Here are all the articles that we republish

It’s easy to love Jennifer Lawrence because she ruins stage costumes while eating potato chips because when she meets Kim Kardashian she runs after her to scream that she loves her reality show because she’s horrified by the prices of the sofas she has. buys at IKEA on principle because she stumbles on stage at the Oscars, and since then she has been reminded of this every time she walks the red carpet. As he did the other day in New York at an American presentation Mad passion, nipping in the bud any questions about his relationship with Bradley Cooper, with whom he’s making a fourth film: “Our secret? No sex.” It’s also easy to ruin Jennifer Lawrence when she’s wrong, as the critics are right with Mad passion, except take a look at the collections of dramas set during the Great Depression that were sold on demand before they hit American theaters. Which brings us to the reason why Hollywood loves Jennifer so much more than the rest of us put together.

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First he made the bills Forbes calculation of global earnings from films in which she starred in 2014, The Hunger Games AND X-Men: $1.4 billion, more than any other star. He did the math again Vultures, the magazine’s New York entertainment blog, a panel of producers interviewing each actor’s relative worth, calculating approval ratings in addition to receipts, averaging critics’ votes and summing up the number of Oscars, tweeting mentions, and even being featured in gossip magazines. It goes without saying that Jennifer Lawrence was once again the winner in every category.
“Actresses tend to polarize audiences, but everyone likes Jennifer Lawrence: we would all like to have her as a friend,” explains Kyle Buchanan, ratings curator. “Not only is he extremely talented, but with an almost minimalist acting, he manages to pull off colossal productions. There’s also a sense of complete accessibility that he gives thanks to his self-irony and the fact that he can handle situations like theft and social media sharing of his nude photos. It’s a completely different way to be a celebrity than what we’ve seen so far.”

Through her success, Jennifer is shifting the center of gravity of Hollywood cinema from men to women. Although women have long been the majority of film audiences (52% in the US), they have always been underrepresented on screen (3 out of 4 leading roles go to men). “What has changed is that now films that are mostly watched by women are systematically making huge profits, and this is forcing studios to rethink their casting,” explains Bonnie Fuller, editor of the online magazine. Hollywood Life. “Angelina Jolie was the first to demonstrate that a woman can be an action hero: her case was isolated, now there are more examples.” The shift is marked by what Hollywood sees as a major turning point. It starts in 2008 with Twilightthe first saga to bring success to a female audience, generating the vast majority of the 3.6 billion collected by the five films in the series: among other things, the producers considered Jennifer for the role of Bella Swan, which then went to Kristen Stewart. Friends of the bride (bridesmaids), with Melissa McCarthy burping and Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph running to the bathroom, was the first female comedy to make even teenage boys laugh. Sandra Bullock says that without this film, director Alfonso Cuarón would not have won the battle with the studios for the female lead. Gravity.
That is, this is the first film, as a result of which a woman colonized space, and Sandra Bullock became one of the highest paid stars in Hollywood (20 million advances plus 15 percent of revenue, a total of 70 million).

What used to be the exception is now the rule: all three of the biggest hits since the start of the year have come from women. Or female erotica Fifty Shades of Grayreturn to the classics Cinderellawith stepmother Cate Blanchett, and Insurgent – the second part of the trilogy Divergent Series – stretched over four films thanks to the magnetism of Shailene Woodley. Another one who can afford to be an on-screen superhero and a girl like everyone else (except that she only drinks spring water and makes her own toothpaste). None of this would have been possible without Jennifer Lawrence, whose excessive power extends to hiding places, despite hacked emails from Sony computers saying that for American Hustle: Looks can be deceiving she was paid less than her male counterparts. “Wrong impression,” says Stephen Galloway, who Hollywood Reporters calculated the earnings of Hollywood stars. “For this part, Jennifer worked for three weeks against three months of colleagues. And who says that he did not earn much for the former The Hunger Games he doesn’t think that contract was signed when he was unknown.” And now? “With the advance and the box office, it is estimated that he earns about 50 million per film, more than any other man. However, she willingly refuses when she is offered an author’s film: now, for example, Joy David O. Russell, the director who brought her to the Oscars with Bright side. The next film will be directed by Steven Spielberg. Blockbuster and small movie: this is a strategy pioneered by Tom Cruise.

Her mother, Karen, said that as a child, when Tom Cruise and other actors she loved were on TV, Jennifer would go up to the screen to get a better look. Perhaps then she learned to seduce the people she meets, as I experienced once when I interviewed her, when she spread her legs on the coffee table in front of her chair, took my tape recorder, put it on her hips, and he began to ridicule me for that I have checked that it is recording. A colleague, knowing her tastes, brought her a plate of lasagna for an interview, which she dismissed, claiming she was anti-vegan. In an interview, Jennifer talks about growing up tomboys, a bad boy, on that farm near Louisville, Kentucky, a bit of a South American who loves horses, bourbon and mint julep, the ubiquitous cocktail of it: her publicists beg her not to drink before the interview, otherwise he will allow himself even more than usual. Her two older brothers Ben and Blaine, whom she used to wrestle with, already called her “Nitro” because of her explosive nature: “She has a fantastic personality and is also very photogenic and not afraid of snakes, which she actually likes. a lot,” says Patrick Demarchelier, who for this cover Vanity Fair photographed her with a boa constrictor in a remake of Richard Avedon’s famous photograph of Nastassja Kinski.

With the same ease with which he allows himself to talk about how much he loves reality TV. The Real Housewives of Miami or pizza, Jennifer knows how to control herself: while the other actors are concentrating before filming, right up to the cracker moment, she cracks jokes about her unequal breasts or her wars with mice that ravaged her apartment as an aspiring actress. Then instantly transforms into the unforgettable characters he plays. Like Rea, a tenacious and caring girl who tries to save her family in Chill of Winter, the little film that earned her her first Oscar nomination. Or fragile and self-destructive Tiffany from Bright Side. “Jennifer is incredible,” says fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti. “It has a sensual and very American charm that intrigues me a lot.” More precisely, she claims to be white trash, “white trash”, or rather the white “burini” of the petty bourgeoisie, a term that is not an insult on your part, but means to stand with your feet on the ground, never get over your head, because the attention of others is enough for this. Jennifer Lawrence, refusing to be on social media, was the most wanted person on Google in 2014. And if you start playing in the search engine, you will see that her world wants to know everything. How to replicate her pixie, short pixie cut. How is it possible that he also knows how to sing, managing to send his hoarse voice to the credit hanging treeone of the songs from the soundtrack The Hunger Games. Who is her boyfriend now that the story with Chris Martin, whom she broke up with after he “deliberately broke up” with Gwyneth Paltrow and she ended the hiccups in the relationship that tied her to Nicholas Hoult for years, seems to be over. If Bradley Cooper really were lucky, they would be in this decade what Brangelina was in the past.

It’s easy to love Jennifer Lawrence, but it’s also easy to forget that she’s only 24. I wonder if she will keep, when she grows up, that quirky girl from the American South that I met, or if she will withdraw into herself over the years, as, for example, happened to Sandra Bullock. If he’s lucky enough to live out his Meryl Streep glory, or if some big bad wolf interrupts his tale. But what interests me most is whether he can really, as he repeatedly promised, take an extended vacation after the filming of the last The Hunger Games and last X-Men. A few years on the stage and he has already changed American cinema: I think he deserves it.

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