Jennifer Lopez 1st Anniversary Tribute to Ben Affleck

“Dear Ben, I am sitting here alone looking at my ring and feeling down. I want to sing that we got here without rewinding the tape. My God… this is my life.” These are the sweet words that Jennifer Lopez she reached out indirectly – via an Instagram post – to her husband Ben Affleck to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. The singer and actress wrote her dedication to her husband under two photos taken on their wedding day, August 20, 2022. And a year later, they seem closer than ever.

Jennifer Lopez and her love for Italy

J. Lo’s love dedication to his Ben comes just days after the actor’s birthday, which Jennifer celebrated with an Instagram video showing the two carefree in a car singing together. (What a wonderful world Sam Cook. “Dear Ben, happy birthday… I love you!”, wrote the artist, who in recent weeks – in addition to his love for Ben – has also shown his love for Italy extensively by spending his holidays in the gorgeous setting of the Amalfi Coast, a place much loved by the star. J. Lo allowed herself days of fun, sun, sea, shopping and delicious food on the streets of Nerano and, of course, Capri, where J. Lo gave the guests of the historical tavern Anema e Core a musical performance I will Survive Gloria Gaynor.

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