The Flash is one of the biggest commercial failures in cinematic history.

With 268 million box office receipts worldwide, The Flash was one of the biggest flops in comic book history. So let’s analyze the reasons for such a big failure.

Flash – arrived in June in most theaters – ha ended its run at the worldwide box office in a catastrophic fashionbecoming one of the biggest commercial failures in film history. Thus, the feature film, muffled by negative criticism, failed to rekindle the fate of the DC studio, which now pins all its hopes on James Gunn and Peter Safran, working on a new – and updated – DC Universe.

The Flash – Disappointing at the worldwide box office

The legacy of the old leadership of DC Studios – sort of blue beetlecurrently in theaters, ed. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomexpected for December Flash therefore, he failed to attract an audience weary of a universe that is now in decline and already set on the birth of a new DC Universe. Thanks to harsh criticism (especially the special effects and the intricate and intricate plot were criticized), Andy Muschietti’s comic book film therefore ended its run at the worldwide box office, grossing $268 million., with a budget of about 200 million. In the US, gross income was even worse than that of Green Lanternconsidered one of the worst film comics ever made.

To get in the way Flash in cinemas, it was then decided to make the film already available in digital format. Therefore, many exhibitors stopped showing the film earlier than expected to make room for other blockbusters. Elementals, Mission: Impossible – Death Wages: Part One and the latest Barbie And Oppenheimer. Warner Bros. can now count on exceptional success Barbie, Shark 2 – Abyss and the same blue beetle, but as far as DC Studios is concerned, he must find a way to convince “his” audience again as soon as possible. As is now known, Flash revolves around Barry Allen’s attempt time travel – using super speed – to prevent his mother’s death, and then arriving in a “reality” in which the woman’s premature death never happened. Trip to multiverseHowever, Barry confuses the numerous timelines, even jeopardizing their future. Thus, the narrative mechanism behind the film allowed numerous characters from various “eras” of the DC Universe to intrude, including Batman from Michael Keaton what is this from Ben Affleck and General ZodMichael Shannon). Andy Muschietti, despite the commercial failure, will direct. Brave and bold, the first in-universe Batman film comic created by Gunn and Safran. So all that’s left is to wait updates.

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