Jennifer Lopez and other models’ tips for looking taller and slimmer

Can you add a few centimeters to your height with little style strategies? it seems. Stylists have come up with some tricks to visually elongate the figure and make us look taller and slimmer.Although petite women do charming, they can also adopt them to coordinate their own image. Let’s get to know them.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable heels and sore feet: They’re not the only way Add centimeters. Image experts know this very well. You can improve your figure by putting more effort into your makeup, clothes, and hair style. This is what they recommend if we want to lose weight to look thinner or taller.

Can a haircut add centimeters and create a visual slimming effect?Yes, little stars prove it through adoption hair looks Show your neck. Keep your hair no longer than your shoulders as the effect is downward pressure. Conversely, shortcuts shift attention upwards and create an optical elongating effect. The secret is to adjust the volume to keep it overhead.

Extremely versatile

One of the most popular options is undoubtedly the bob, a stylish hairstyle characterized by Concise version, leaving the neck exposed and bruising the chin. Bobs are extremely versatile and can be adapted to hair structure and face shape. Among elegant cuts, the pixie cut stands out, completely exposing the neck and focusing the volume on the crown of the head. This cut is not liked by all women due to its masculine appearance, but it is a dynamic solution that is full of personality.

And if you can’t live without long hair, it’s best to choose a ponytail. A high ponytail gives a cheerful look even to women who are no longer young and pulls the facial skin upward, Reduce wrinkles. The same effect can be achieved with a high bun, which gathers hair at the top of the head. You can choose a Jennifer Lopez-style updo or go for a softer, slightly messy updo.

How to choose bootcut jeans

Why those? If we ask ourselves this question, the answer is yes, they are indeed not the only elongated style, but they are very fashionable. Petite women should avoid jeans that are too baggy or cropped and opt for straight-leg styles if they want an elongating effect. And bootcut jeans, Very comfortable and tight, they feel great. They’re made from stretchy fabric that hugs the body at the hips and opens slightly downward, giving them an almost imperceptible flared effect. They are back in fashion to create body style by visually elongating the legs.

Choose solid color

Another strategy to take advantage of optical effects is to choose a single color from head to toe, as fashion dictates. In fact, it’s the latest trend this season. Prints, checks and horizontal stripes add volume by shortening the figure. Monochromatic looks, on the other hand, are not only extremely sophisticated but can also be stylized and elongated. But if you want to break the monotony, you can play with different shades of the same color and the effect is guaranteed. In any case, never juxtapose contrasting tones so as not to disrupt the vertical flow of color continuity.

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