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Jennifer Lopez confirms herself as a style icon in a shirtdress and sandals

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most respected international artists for her fashion sense because she knows how to turn every moment into a style statement. From her most viral red carpet looks to her most casual looks – no matter the occasion – the singer and entrepreneur has a very specific style that has changed relatively little over the years, always staying true to herself. Even the last look she surprised us with was a combination that could have been worn 20 years ago, like in the fifties.

The singer opted for a shirt-collar jumpsuit in a delicate floral print, with a halter neckline that left her arms exposed and added a touch of flair. pin up to the look. Even the founder’s high hairstyle JLo Beauty it emphasized the bodice of the dress.

To highlight the figure, a raffia belt cinched at the waist and Fuchsia Pink Rope Platform Sandals A summer shoe tied to the ankle, favored by celebrities including Penelope Cruz.

Jennifer Lopez paired her favorite jewelry with her jumpsuit and sandals: hoop earrings. giants, the same ones that stormed the fashion scene in the 2000s and are still very popular today. The American singer of Puerto Rican origin, who refused to abandon her own aesthetic norms, thereby taught another lesson in style.

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