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It’s hard to find a sincere and strong love like the one that binds Jennifer Lopez AND Ben Affleck. There are ups and downs in every couple, even if it seems that nothing is impossible to overcome. Bennifer who have been married for over a year. This also proves it J Lo returned from an Italian holiday between Capri and the Amalfi Coast to celebrate with Fine he is 51 years old.

But a video of the two of them on the road singing along is not enough. wonderful world From Sam Cook and with the words “Dear Ben… Happy Birthday, I love you!” -, Why jenniferwho takes care of everything down to the smallest detail, decides to pay tribute to her husband in her own way with a T-shirt.

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Here she is, at the entrance to the Maybourne Hotel in Beverly Hills, where between selfies with her fans, she wears oversized sunglasses, black leggings, a pair of Nike Air Jordans – another way to pay tribute Fine and his last film work Air?– and, above all, a tight T-shirt with a phrase dedicated to the actor.

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“You are the soul of the universe, and your name is love.” This is a quote from Rumi13th century Persian poet J Lo decided once again to send Ben a unique message of love and, above all, contrary to gossip that claims that an atmosphere of crisis reigns between them.

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