Jennifer Lopez wishes Ben Affleck a happy birthday: “I love you”

Ben Affleck turns 51 and his wife publicly congratulates him.

Jennifer Lopez wishes Ben Affleck a happy birthday:

Jennifer Lopez wishes Ben Affleck a happy birthday, who turned 51 by posting the video to Instagram. After spending the holidays apart, Jennifer in Capri and Naples, and Ben in Florence with his children, they were reunited, returning to the States together. “Dear Ben Happy Birthday I love you— writes the actress in the caption to the video she published, in which the two ride in a car, singing “Wonderful World” by Sam Cooke.

Below is a video posted by Jennifer Lopez:

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One Year Bennifer

Last year, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck finally crowned their love, albeit after twenty years. Their story began in 2002, but was interrupted in 2004, shortly after the decision to get married. However, in 2022, they happily announced their comeback together and then finally got married in Las Vegas. Jennifer recently starred in one of the most popular movies on Netflix, Mother. Ben Affleck, on the other hand, recently directed and produced Air, a big leap story based on the biographical events that led Michael Jordan to become a Nike great (reviewed here).

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