Jeremy Renner is walking again in a new video after the accident

The Hawkeye star continues to update his fans on the progress and milestones of his recovery journey

Jeremy Renner continues to update fans on his condition and recovery journey since his severe snowplow accident last January. Renner suffered multiple injuries and underwent several surgeries and spent weeks in the hospital, keeping all his followers updated on his progress via social media. Recently the news has arrived that the Marvel star has decided that his acting career is no longer a priority for now. The priority is to focus on a complete recovery, a long journey that has now reached a fundamental and encouraging stage. In a new video shared by Renner himself on social media, we see him walking, standing again, thanks to the help of a treadmill.jeremy renner

Jeremy Renner on his feet again in a video shared on social media: the recovery and rehabilitation journey continues

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In the video, which you can see at the bottom of our article, Jeremy Renner proceeds with the rehabilitation by finally returning to walk on a treadmill. Around his waist he has a device that probably serves to ensure greater stability and to load the legs with additional weight. Immediately after the accident, in light of the severity of the same and the multiple fractures reported, there was talk of the possibility that the star of Hawkeye might not walk again. This brief contribution is a good sign, which once again underlines Renner’s determination and resilience. Jeremy Renner still has many months of rehabilitation and therapy ahead of him and his return in front of the camera will depend on various factors, including his own will. What is certain is that the actor is determined to devote himself body and soul to the recovery, with his family nearby and with the unconditional affection of his fans!
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