Jimena Barón’s savings tip: “Don’t throw away the chicken giblets!”

BUENOS AIRES -. Always pay attention to the needs of followers and be willing to provide them with various suggestions, Baron Jimena He shares tips on saving money and getting the most out of every food item on social networks. Therefore, the La Cobra translator advises against throwing away the chicken giblets and gives a step-by-step recipe that she uses.

from their stories Instagram, Baron Jimena It is recommended to use chicken giblets to make the sauce. “Don’t throw away the chicken giblets! They are cooked in a pan with onions, garlic, spices, salt and pepper. Once cooked, they are processed with spreadable white cheese and olive oil. Then, put them in the refrigerator to cool. They spread it on bread or toast,” the singer said.

“It’s a very cheap cut and not easily available, but if you find it you can prepare it like you would boil veal bones. Lots of cooking time, in a pan, with the vegetables, then with the potatoes Eat it. I insist: It’s not a readily available cut, but I teach them how to prepare it because it’s really, really cheap,” he explains. Baron Jimena After showing how much Momo loves this preparation.

Jimena Barón bought a house

last week Baron Jimena Exciting news is given: He bought his own house. “Sometimes they ask me what I miss and the truth is I don’t miss anything but I share with them what my dream is. I have been working since I was nine years old and most people know this but my life It’s fraught with a few hurdles and costing more. “I’m at a wonderful point in my life that’s not perfect because I understand that doesn’t exist, but it’s beautiful,” he wrote.

“It feels like revenge on so many fantasies that have darkened. What I share with you is perhaps my greatest accomplishment since becoming Momo’s mother. Welcome to sleepovers, barbecues, Christmas at home, and who knows what else. Yes For me it’s everything. “I feel like everything is coming,” he added. Baron Jimenahe included a heart and a house emojis in his message.

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