Joe Montana forgets about Tom Brady and decides who is the best quarterback in NFL history

Seven rings super bowlruled the league for 22 years and changed new england patriots On older computers, this is not enough tom brady Considered the best marshal in history National Football Leagueat least not for Joe Montana He lifted Vince Lombardi four times and was considered the No. 1 player until TB12 came along.

montana, former quarterback San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs In the 1980s and early 1990s, he guaranteed that the label of the best quarterback in NFL history should be given Dan Marino Because of the skills he has to pass the ball.

Marino is one of the most unsung heroes in the game. People don’t talk about him enough and don’t realize what he accomplished. “He has perfect touch in his upper body and has the strength to throw the ball quickly and accurately,” Montana assured TMZ.

Joe Montana says Dan Marino is the best player in NFL history

“For Marino to get rid of the ball quickly in today’s game, to have the freedom and protection that a quarterback has, and the size of today’s receivers, they’re really big, oh my god!”, he added.

Dan Marino, for example brady and montanaPlayed for the NFL Hall of Fame from 1983 to 1999 and became a member of the NFL Hall of Fame miami dolphins; However, he never won a Super Bowl, and his only trip to the big game came in Super Bowl XIX, a loss to Joe’s San Francisco 49ers.

Joe Montana changes his mind about Tom Brady

Two years ago, when Tom Brady won his seventh Super Bowl ring with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Joe Montana called him the greatest player in NFL history. Good player, but this time he left him out, with some claiming the San Francisco 49ers legend was jealous that his No. 1 spot in American football was taken away from him.

As for patrick mahomesMontana recognized the work done by the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, who, 27, has won two Super Bowls with the team. “The things he does and the situations he’s able to solve are very different than other quarterbacks.”

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