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There are now only a few weeks left for the debut of John Wick 4 in cinemas all over the world (March 23 in Italy), and thus arrive the first forecasts of receipts for the long-awaited fourth episode of the action saga starring Keanu Reeves.

According to current projections, the film could collect between 60 and 70 million dollars in the first three days of exploitation in American cinemas: a very important figure if we consider that it is a fourth installment. But the saga of John Wick has grown over time, expanding its following and going from a cult franchise to a real blockbuster. The third film, Parabellum, opened in May 2019 with $56.8 million in the US, then closed its run at $171 million and a whopping $328 million globally.

These predictions are made in light of the pre-sales that opened yesterday, and which seem to have started very well, the culmination of a promotional campaign that began last year at San Diego Comic-Con with the presentation of the first trailer on stage in Room H.

If the data were to line up with expectations, it would be the best debut for a Lionsgate film since the beginning of the pandemic, a breath of fresh air for the studio which is not having an easy time. John Wick is one of its most successful franchises, and it is no coincidence that a spin-off with Ana de Armas titled is already in production Dancer and a prequel series titled The Continental.

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