Johnny Depp turns to art, the star presents his first self-portrait. And it’s connected to the Amber Heard case (VIDEO)

Actor, director, musician, and now also an artist. Johnny Depp continues to add notes to his business card thanks to the latest news about him, namely creating a self-portrait which immediately caused a lot of talk.

In truth, this is not the first time that the former face of the saga of Pirates of the Caribbean he devotes himself to art: last year he already painted a series of paintings known as Friends and Heroeslater sold for $3.6 million. Now he has ventured into a new artistic enterprise, open Fine Art Castle.

In the video, Johnny Depp showed his self-portrait by name fivewhich is sold in series on the art house website for only thirteen days, starting from yesterday, Thursday, July 20, at a base price of $1,950. Apparently, the duration of the sale is not accidental and is a very important number for the actor and artist.

The style is that of his previous work and was inspired by a photo of him taken during a photo shoot with Christian Dior Perfume in 2015, the same company that a few days ago guaranteed him a record contract in the history of the industry. It was the shooter at that time Jean-Baptiste Mondino.

I did this at Ralph Steadman’s studio around 2021. – he said in the presentation video – This self-portrait was taken at the time when I was… a little dark, confused. I looked at it and I don’t know why I thought it needed more. More information“. Then he added: “When I felt the need to just write the countdown, I just added “five” because I was entering the fifth year of this madness.”, a clear reference to the court case with Amber Heard.

Curiously, the big star also admitted that not everything was so rosy making this picture:Not the most convenient occupation, self-portrait. Although, oddly enough, almost everything that a person does, one way or another“.

What do you think of the painting you can see in the video above? Tell us about yours, as always, in the comments.

Photo: Jim Dyson/Getty Images

Source: Castle Art


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