Juan y Medio’s ‘Tambo El Nino’ ​​dazzles ‘Got Talent’ jury

He spent a lot of time on set and he was a contemporary of Abraham Mateo and Gemelier when they were what a wonderful night and juan and medio On the South Canal. The boy with the drum was just 10 when he appeared in the Friday slot, where he took part in the next stage of the format nine years ago. That kid is already a young man with a lot of preparations. he reappears in prime time It has stood out over the years and, most importantly, has not gone unnoticed.

Antonio, the magician from Chiclana, convinced the jury talented It’s even expected to become one of the favorites for the new version of Telecinco to find its audience. Antonio Serrano is 27 years old and has been dedicated to the art of magic, music and humor for many years.in his performance Spain’s Got Talent He introduced himself as “the secret son of Florentino Fernandez,” who will judge for the first time at Fremantle.

Antonio Serrano was once the boy who played the drum, one of the little boys who showed up at every nightclub ready to ask questions from the guests Juan y Medio, join the small theater and show off their skills.

In this intervention with Telecinco, his technique is effective, and is complemented by a good deal of humor. Although he is still young, it is a sign of his experience. His face is familiar to us, and viewers will notice that this weekend.

Chilanero received unanimous approval from all four juries talentedespecially with the support of the most demanding people in the Quartet, Risto Meguidhe used the secret son joke to attack rookie Flo, from whom magician Antonio took a check for three million euros, which later appeared in an orange.

“He couldn’t get me to sit down,” said Risto, amazed by the skills of this Chiclana Carnival member who participated in chirigotas and choirs. “You have three things a magician must have: 1. Don’t give out badges; 2. Create an interesting, witty character; 3. some damn tricks” said Risto, who had put aside his overly stern exterior.

Paula Echevarría, who joined the jury last year, praised the success of the numbers presented by Antonio and Edurne applauded him, impressed.

Surprised dad Flo insisted: “You left me without a word.You can win Spain’s Got Talent“.

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