trend that conquers autumn 2023 in photographs

Square nails, along with their angular geometry, are back. The trend, taken directly from the nineties, quietly took hold in the summer months and became the leitmotif of autumn. With the announcements of the most prestigious red carpets, most notably the 80th Venice Film Festival, angular, short and long nail art is being updated, offering itself in a decidedly chic and versatile version. Whether exploring the rich nuances of the colder months or reinventing the most classic manicure,

French nails give up the pleasing roundness typical of the almond shape and take on an edgy and dramatic look typical of the symmetrical geometry of a square.

Olivia Palermo wore them to the film screening Finally dawn in a rich brown with a lacquer finish, and stars such as Dua Lipa and Kendall Jenner have been opting for them since the summer, favoring nude shades in a triumph of avant-garde naturalness. Jennifer Aniston, Kourtney Kardashian, Sofia Ritchie Grange, Jennifer Lopez and many others have been added to the list of stars who have recently opted for a geometric manicure. Whether worn short and simple, recommended for those with pointed hands, or long and thin in the Stiletto version, ideal for keeping short fingers slender, square nails add character and irreverence to manicures, sometimes showing off a distinctly 1990s exuberance. x and 2000s, accented. bright colors and eccentric patterns. Versatile and personalized square nails can be found here in this collection of photo ideas to inspire you for fall 2023.

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