“Junk” – the most daring trend of the September manicure

As in everything else, in the daily life of every person there is a place for a manicure that does not require special care – after all, who can deny the attractiveness of the nails of a “rich girl”? – but if you’re a maximalist, you have even more design options. You might want to consider “vagina” nails (yes, you read that right) or social media favorite “coquette” nails. Or you can opt for the latest fashion trend: junk nails.

Nails "garbage" September's wildest manicure trend

This look, half insane and two parts spectacular, is all about doing whatever you want with your nails. It takes what some might consider junk and turns it into the centerpiece of your manicure. It’s rubbish, but intentionally. Can’t you imagine it? Don’t worry, we asked two nail experts to tell you everything you need to know about the unwanted nail trend, including what it is and how you can achieve the trend yourself.

What are “junk” nails?

Simply put, unnecessary nails are a maximalist trend with many different features and zero rules. “This nail craze captivates with a combination of bright hues, 3D elements like rhinestones, beads, glitter and whimsical nail art,” says Liana Thomson, nail expert at Nails.co.uk. “This means the unwanted nails can be anything,” adds Nadine Abramczyk, co-founder of Tenoverten. “There are no rules in composition and each nail can look different,” she says. “I am a free expression of the art of manicure.”

And why are they so popular? Well, maximalist nail trends are all the rage right now, and even celebrities like Hailey Bieber, who was once the minimalist nail poster girl, can be seen with more intricate designs lately. “In the case of unnecessary nails, each nail acts like a separate canvas,” says Abramczyk. “They are a wonderful tool for self-expression and help open up untapped opportunities for creative freedom.”

What’s more, they work for everyone. While most of the junk nail options we’ve seen have been done on natural long nails or acrylic nails, Thomson advises not to worry if you have short natural nails. “There are no rules in nail design and the same effect can be achieved with short nails; just be selective in your design choices as nail bed space is more limited.”

How to get unwanted nails

First, know that this trend is not for the faint of heart or those who don’t have time to dedicate themselves to the look. “Unnecessary nails are time consuming depending on the complexity of the chosen design,” says Thomson. “Traditional solid-color nails usually take one to two hours to make, while 3D nails in a nail salon take three to four hours.”

If you want to test yourself on unwanted nails but aren’t ready to go all out, Abramczyk says she suggests just playing around with a fun product like Palette London Holographic Top Coat nail polish. “It’s a shimmery nail polish with silver micro-stars, and subtle sprinkles of stars accentuate the discreet amount of nail pandemonium I crave.”

On the other hand, if you want to immediately jump and dive, there are two ways to do it. Make an appointment with a professional or try it yourself at home. “Given the complexity of this trend, hiring a professional is desirable for a flawless result,” says Thomson. However, if you want to go the DIY route, Thomson suggests laying on the fake nails first and then sticking them to your fingertips. If you’re looking for inspiration for nail charms, we love Amazon nail art charms.

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