A terrifying encounter with death during a flight to Russia

The story of fear and adrenaline comes from the words of Leonardo DiCaprio, the world-famous actor who recently presented an episode in which he found himself face to face with death. This shocking anecdote was told in 2016 during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, shedding light on what the actor called “the scariest experience I’ve ever had.”

Leonardo DiCaprio and the time he risked his life on a flight to Russia

“I was flying to Russia when one of the engines suddenly exploded,” said Leonardo DiCaprio, beginning to describe the nightmare experienced on board the plane. Looking out the window, I saw how the entire engine turned into a fireball. This memory immediately brought me back to the incident with Sally, when the birds hit both engines. In our case, this happened with only one of the engines. The situation seemed surreal, as if only I could see the threat, but in reality there was a fireball and there were only Russian passengers on board. I had a strange feeling that I was already dead and in heaven, because no one seemed to react. In a panic, I screamed at the top of my lungs, “What’s going on here?”

The people around me turned around, looking at me in surprise as the flight attendant came out and calmly announced, “We have a little problem.” A Russian passenger asked what was going on, and the flight attendant frankly replied: “We have a broken engine.” The reaction of the passenger, however, expressed all the disbelief of the moment: “How many engines did we have initially?” – he asked. “Well, we had two, now we have one,” the assistant explained. The passenger’s reaction was simple but meaningful: “This is not good, this is not good at all.”

As a result of this episode, the plane burned fuel for 45 minutes, while the voltage on board grew, and the plane’s tires exploded during an emergency landing. The situation was chaotic, with more than 100 ambulances ready for action. News of the incident reached the media, with DiCaprio recounting his own experience to CNN. “It was an unpleasant nuisance,” the actor concluded, emphasizing the intensity and drama of the event, which made him touch the fragility of life even in the most unexpected situations.

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