Why are we being beaten?

In Italy, it is estimatedWaar (Union of atheists, agnostics and rationalists) the number of people who chose get fucked in Italy from 1999 to the present day, he has reached the height 100,000.

The causes of sbattezzo are not only related to lack of faith but also to loss of faith in the institution of the Catholic Churchscandals that are associated with this, as well as the rigid imposition dictate that people feel they are suffering in their life choices.

i clap (apostasy): What does this mean for the Church and for those who undertake it?

i fuckfrom the point of view of the Church, this is called apostasy. If from a doctrinal point of view this is a mortal sin, then under the criminal law of the Church, applicable to all baptized, it instead represents “crime(Code of Canon Law, can. 1041).

For the Catholic Church, people who declare themselves atheists and agnostics, even if they are not baptized, should be considered apostates and therefore subject to excommunication. late centie (can. 1364), a type of canonical provision that applies automatically even if the Church is unaware of the “crime” committed (the same provision imposed by the code, for example, in the case of voluntary abortion).

Consequencesapostasy and relative excommunication I:

– exclusion from the sacraments;

– deprivation of a church funeral service in the absence of signs of repentance;

– exclusion from the role of godfather or godmother at baptism and confirmation;

– the need for an episcopal license for admission to a canonical marriage.

The site sbattezzati.it presents a map of registered sbattezzi (with the image of documents confirming the annotation received from the parish priest or from the curia). However, as the site writes, “the number of recorded sbatteczi clearly does not correspond to the number of actually completed sbatteczi and, according to estimatesWaar2 orders of magnitude lower.

Why is there a campaign promoting sbattezzo?

There are several reasons:

– for coherence and unbelief, if, for example, a person is no longer a Catholic;

– because we no longer recognize ourselves in the values ​​of the Church;

– because they are members of groups that are not fully accounted for by the Church (for example, the Lgbt + community)

– declare your identity at important moments in your life

– so as not to be considered, according to Italian law itself, as “subjects” of the church hierarchy. The Catechism of the Catholic Church actually recalls that baptism “includes the Church” and “a baptized person no longer belongs to himself (…) therefore he is called (…) to be obedient and submissive to the leaders of the Church”;

– for economic benefit; baptized people working (even occasionally) abroad may be taxed for membership in the Catholic Church (up to 60 euros per month with a salary of 2000 euros).

Legislative initiative. Waar

In 1995Waar started one campaign for “statistical correction” of people baptized but, after some evasive answers received from the parish priests, he took the case to court; she then approached the Data Protection Authority with a request to intervene in the affairs of parishes unwilling to do so. i fuck.

In September 2006, a new provision of the Guarantor allowed those who do not know the arrival of baptism, as well as those who were baptized abroad, to sign a will to leave the Catholic Church on a certificate of confirmation.

In additionWaar named in 2008 National Sbattezzo Day on October 25th.

How can you be baptized (and why do it)?

Dr. Adele Orioli, Head of Legal Initiatives Waarexplained A turning point that “sbattezzo is a purely individual action and you can join the campaign by sending a simple registered letter.

“Guarantor of confidentiality,” he added, “acknowledged fundamental right to a correct self-image. For statistical purposes, subject to practice i fucktemple can no longer have personal data and he will no longer be able to rank that person among those baptized in Italy. However, it should be said that statistical remediation data are not accurate data, since parish registers are kept very inaccurately.”


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