Kaia Gerber and blonde hair: new color with caramel shades with a glossy effect

Kaia Gerber and blonde hair: New color inspired by summer sunsets

How to keep hair black by adopting golden hues reminiscent of the colors of a summer sunset, without risking ruining your hair by going summer blonde? this is where the solution comes in Kaia Gerber, daughter of Cindy Crawford and the official girlfriend of the new Elvis by Baz Luhrmann, Austin Butler, The model has definitely switched up her look for summer, turning her length color to a warmer shade that’s reminiscent of a sunset red but deep cherry cocoon base like Katie Holmes wore a few years ago has gone away from The new shade is an icing-effect caramel blonde that reflects light and brightens the face. The model and budding actress (will debut in US cinemas with the film Below in August, Ed), was already blonde, but this time she chose a color that responds more to her complexion and accentuates it a lot. From the picture she shared in her stories, we can see, in the selfie taken under natural light, the hair with new caramel shades styled in soft waves appeared lighter and brighter than her usual color . A subtle difference that puts her “off” with her mother, Cindy, who however chooses it only to lighten her hair next to her face straight.

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The special technique that brightened Kaia Gerber’s caramel blonde hair (PHOTOS)

The new shade of hair was done by the colorist matt rez Which boasts of important names in the world of fashion among its clientsEntertainment like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber and Sydney Sweeney, It is his Specialization Kaia got this glow thanks to technology mid light Patented by them and which they describe as “a technology that starts with a base of natural hair color and builds up highlights to create a mix of tones that emulate it but lighten it at the same time.” is, so as to lighten the complexion while remaining faithful. In one’s own colour”. This use of color, which is reminiscent of the classic caramel balayage technique but differs in the amount of dyes and bleach used, is ideal for those who don’t want to change their look too drastically, but Yet even in summers the emphasis is on colour. Effect sun kissed,

Kaia Gerber and “hot” blonde hair: who does it look good on?

Kaia Gerber’s shades begin at the roots of the hair and blend along all lengths in a play of light that looks strikingly natural, despite the light gradation created based on the model’s natural shade of hair. An understated and very impressive look, this is the ideal model on which to base your hair color change Last Minute Ahead of the summer holidays, when hair is out in the sun it doesn’t reflect the sunlight as well as one would like and any excuse is good enough for a change of look. Caramel Blonde is a medium-dark color from the blonde family. warm, Able to warm the color. It suits phototypes with warm undertones (accurately), reacting well to earthy colors and faces with little contrast, but is also suitable for lighter complexions with a slight tan, so it’s perfect for summer. Confirms the victorious hair color. Before delving into autumn/winter trends, experimenting with it now can be a litmus test to understand whether you would want to opt for colder reds. Still in the sunset theme.

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