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breathtakingly beautiful taylor hill Bridal Edition. 27 year old american supermodel is married to him big love daniel fryerBusinessman by profession. the one chosen for the special occasion armani beauty makeup In hint of glow and natural refreshing skin effect. Carolina Gonzalez took care of Taylor Hill’s sophisticated beauty look, makeup artist to the stars (including Camila Cabello and Alessandra Ambrosio). Let’s find out more about the bridal makeup of Taylor Hill, a princess for a day.

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Taylor Hill’s bridal makeup: Natural and radiant, signed by Armani Beauty

Much to our delight, makeup artist Carolina Gonzalez shared a video on her Instagram page incorporating it. All major steps of bridal beauty Signed by Taylor Hill by Armani Beauty. The model and the bride-to-be smiling happily handed herself over to the expert, sitting at the make-up table without makeup. The Perfect Flawless Foundation Used For The Bride Luminous Silk Foundation, Luminous Silk Concealer and Luminous Silk Glow Blush, Neo Nude A-Contour was used to sculpt, define and enhance features, while Eye Tint Long Lasting Liquid Eyeshadow, Chosen in neutral and warm colors. Thick lashes lined with mascara in deep black eyes to kill And Lip Power’s Satin Touch Long Wear LipstickChosen in nude shade 109. to make everything right, A pinch of Luminous Silk Glow Fusion PowderPowder based on pure pigments to emphasize the radiant effect of the beauty look.


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