Kanye West and his wife are under investigation in Venice: here’s what they risk for these photos on a motorboat during the Venice Film Festival

Kanye West and his wife Bianca Censori had oral sex on a boat in Venice? Police are still investigating the rapper, who was spotted on a boat posing…




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Kanye West and his wife Bianca Censori had oral sex on a boat in Venice? Police are still investigating the case of the rapper-paparazzi, who was on a boat in an intimate relationship with his wife, and ilGiornale. It turned out that the couple is formally under investigation, and therefore they face a fine of 3,300 euros.

Kanye West and his wife are under investigation in Venice

Photos published on the Dagospia website show West with his trousers pulled down, his buttocks exposed and his wife in front of him. But there are no explicit sexual acts. It is the person at the helm who can say whether there was anything that the police could record as “indecent acts in a public place” and therefore trigger a fine.

In short, the Venice municipal police are conducting an internal investigation. All useful elements are collected to understand whether an act against public decency has been committed. This is how the Venice police framed the case. The main witness is the boat driver. Only he can say what happened, and soon he may be called to the command headquarters, headed by Marco Agostini, to report exactly what he saw.

Naked Kanye West on a boat with his wife in Venice: what the police investigation has discovered so far

In the meantime, they are still in Italy. Another round of paparazzi, this time in Milan, on Via Montenapoleone, given that they are banned for life by the Venezia Turismo Motoscafi consortium, which through its representatives has made it clear that neither West nor his wife will be welcome on board one of the Venice boats.

Summer of scandals. Venice and then Milan

It must be said that Kanye and Bianca decided to make people talk about themselves. Even in Milan, the couple’s outfit was noticed. In Milan, they indulged in a long shopping spree in the center: he was completely covered (hooded sweatshirt and T-shirt rolled up around his face), and she showed a naked appearance, that is, she was dressed in a very tight jumpsuit. , a sort of flesh-colored sheath that made her appear naked. Flesh-colored shoes with very high heels and a purple pad covering the chest.

The photos were published by NSS magazine.

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