Kanye West in Venice is not what we would like to see

“No one cares about the music (unless it’s a dissed track). You just want to have fun on this gossip show., clickbait, meme pages, instagram opinions and TV series haters. These words were said a few hours ago by Salmo, who in his Instagram Stories launched into a long expansion about the relationship of the public and the perception of artists. And also about how, by now, real interest in music has been eclipsed by ephemeral and casual entertainment. The words of the rapper from Olbia were born from the scandal involving Morgan in recent days: but they are easy to apply to what Kanye West is doing (or what is he up to?) in Venice.

Kanye West in Venice: Kim Kardashian worries

After a tour of central Italy throughout Italy, Ye is currently in Lagoon City with his partner Bianca Censori and they certainly don’t put on a good show. The show, which, however, we will not report on either the photo or the video, is practically available everywhere on the web. And this seems to have caused concern even for Kim Kardashian. Sources close to the entrepreneur actually said that Kanye West’s behavior in Venice, which has hit sites around the world, confuses and outrages his ex-wife a lot.

“Kim is so worried about the new photos that came out with Bianca. How will he explain everything to the children? She is embarrassed and worried about him. He wanders barefoot with champagne down the street, something is clearly not right. It’s difficult for her because as soon as she thinks she can move forward, something like that happens and she finds herself in that situation,” the source seemed to explain. Sun.

In all likelihood, our concern is not comparable to the concern of the mother of her children. But pictures of Kanye West in Venice are images we don’t want to see either.. And not only because it tastes bad, but because spreading them is the best way to outshine the creative genius of one of the world’s most forward-thinking creative minds. 21st century and more cunning to cash in on the obvious discomfort that Kanye West has shown for a long time., serving it to the public, which “enjoys the artist’s discomfort. Who hopes to see how famous artists, whose success will never forgive, fall into the abyss, ”Salmo quotes again. And from Kanye’s abyss, it looks like everyone wants a piece.

Ye’s genius should be glorified, not shown to the dark side.

Except for his statements on political and social issues, which are certainly problematic, controversial and unjustifiably, we would like Kanye to be remembered and recognized in subsequent years for his contribution to hip-hop (and not only) and to pop culture in general. Two areas where Ye set trends, brought innovations and rewrote the rules. That is what a revolutionary does. There is Kanye West in the history of music before and after, and there is not a single artist belonging to the next generations who would not have him among the main references.

The only images we’d like to see of Kanye are in the studio making new visionary music, in the stadium showing his art to the world. (as he did in the Circus Maximus in Rome, an event that, willy-nilly, entered history first of all – Travis does not want this – because of the mythological presence of Ye). So, it’s time to make Kanye’s dark side spectacular by focusing on his wrongdoings and celebrating his inspiration, which was a turning point in world music. After all, the one who is currently the most listened to rapper in the world also said this: “Without Kanye West, there would be no Travis Scott.” And we’re pretty sure the same is true for many other artists.

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