Kanye West ruins new music at London Fashion Week

Kanye West ruins new music at London Fashion Week

Apparently, Kanye West’s travels

of these last few months in Europe have been productive on an artistic level. In addition to numerous paparazzi photographs in Italy and not only Ye and his wife, disputes, scandals and violent looks of the couple, the rapper is working on a new album. This is according to sources close to Ye, who decided to give us a try during London Fashion Week.

At the Mowalola SS 2024 show at London Fashion Week, Ye debuted new music.

What we hear may be far from what we expected to hear from Ye, who decided to use a decidedly out-of-date trap sound, but this is Ye, and you can really expect anything from him. First of all, the elusive new album may appear as if it will never see the light of day, and of course, if this happens, it will not be the first time, and then the sound may be the same, or it may change radically. It is completely premature to make predictions about the new creative direction of Kanye West, who undoubtedly remains one of the greatest innovators and trendsetters of this era.

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