“This is sex in old age”

outside Spain, body on fire Not only that: It’s the fourth most-watched show on Netflix, behind my cute little girl, piece and a dream place.The series has accumulated a total of 4,100,000 viewsless than half of German productions, surprisingly dominates comic book adaptations piece.

This is not for lack of effort by her protagonist: in promotional interviews Úrsula Corbero even revealed that she suffers from developmental dysplasia and, accompanied by Kim Gutierrez, talked about The sex scene they both performed in the show. The body is on fire.

Kim Gutierrez in “Body on Fire”

As is common in such statements, Porn fades into the background: Most of the most raunchy sequences in film and television history were filmed, despite the major characters involved. Curbero and Gutierrez’s are no exception.

“I need a respirator”

during an interview Mainly 40Úrsula Corbero summed up decades of erotic cinema in one sentence: “People think it’s all super sexy, but it’s just a painting”. As far as he’s concerned, the picture barely ends with Quim Gutierrez’s death certificate.

Ursula Corberó “Burning Bodies”
movie mania

Although body on fire After a real police investigation that begins with the discovery of a nearly charred body, Netflix doesn’t want to waste the appeal of its protagonists, so it puts them to bed. And right here, The filming of this tragic drama almost ended in tragedy.

“I have bronchitis,” Gutiérrez began, and then Úrsula Curbero interrupted: “Child, I have a little cough…”. The production team set aside several days for the intimate scenes that dotted the show; it was the week when Kim Gutierrez’s health was at its worst. “After the hustle and bustle, We had to stop because I couldn’t breathe“The actor said while suppressing a cough. “This seems to be an image of sex in old age. “I need a respirator.”

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