Katy Perry in tears on ‘American Idol’. What happened

When emotions are true, they go straight to the heart and then come down through the tears. They can be of joy, of admiration, but also of deep pain, like the one experienced by the famous singer Katy Perryjudge, together with Lionel Richie And Luke Bryanof the talent American Idol. It was not, as often happened, the singer’s voice, albeit a beautiful one; to strike her so deeply, rather the story of Trey Louis21, one of the survivors of the 2018 Santa Fe massacre, when a gunman entered the school classrooms in the city’s public high school, killing eight students and two teachers.

The boy introducing himself on stage said: “I’m Trey from Santa Fe Texas. I’m here for various reasons… In 2018 an armed man came to my school. I was inside the art room and this man shot… I lost a lot of friends. Eight students and two teachers were killed. It was truly awful. Santa Fe has had a bad reputation since 2018. What we had to go through was terrible. Now I feel I have my community next to me“, he said visibly excited.

The judges, along with the audience, listened to Luke’s words in absolute silence, and when his story was over, it was Katy Perry, fellow singer of Orlando Bloom, to take the floor and everyone saw copious tears fall from his eyes. “Our country has damned failed. This is not okay“, he said. “I hope your testimony can serve to remind people that we need to change. Because you know what, I’m scared too“. Words that greatly affected those present, given that by now shootings in American schools are becoming a social scourge.

Shootings in the USA in 2023 there is already a sad record

Already in January 2023, throughout the United States, there were 48 mass shootings that caused 87 deaths and a double zero number of injuries. The only fault of these people, including many children, was to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. An average of 3 deaths per day is calculated: a real massacre officially registered by Gun violence archivean association formed in 2013, to provide free online public access to accurate information on gun-related violence in the United States.

And just the guns, rifles, automatic weapons, are the main cause of death for children and adolescents in the US, in the last three years, since they exceeded road accidents in 2020. In no other country in the world, firearms are among the top four causes of death among children and adolescents. To bring it back there Cnn after yet another shooting at a private elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee, in which six people were killed, including three 9-year-old boys.

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